Are you all happy with your current jobs?



I really question whether I could write full time. My job gives me structure to my day and pushes me to finish my works on time. I know that I can’t procrastinate because much of my day is eaten up by my job, and so I write as much as I can before I have to go to work. I like that structure. I don’t write as much on weekends because I have the whole day.

I love my job. It’s fun. When I was deciding on what to do with my life, other than writing, I decided that it needed to be fun and something I enjoyed. I love my job and its flexible hours and late shifts (usually either 10:30am - 6:30pm or 1:00pm - 9:00pm) still leave me lots of time to write.


At first I thought you meant how are along, as in a pregnancy. I was trying to think, did that topic somehow pop in? This is what happens when I stay away from threads for too long.:upside_down_face: Anyway, she is in her last semester! She took a break at one point and was also a teaching aide at an elementary school, but now she’s back into the fray!


Now that’s not something you read everyday! Haha, I’m sure you had a ton of stories to tell. Hopefully nothing too traumatizing happened, although those situations can’t necessarily be avoided. My days in retail definitely helped me with stress, but I can only take it to a certain extent until I’m just anyone with everything and everyone around me haha. So I guess it’s a good thing my job is a mostly calm environment. Mostly.

Well that would be the job of a successful author :wink:. Until then, I’ll just have to be content haha.


Hey, you and me both! It didn’t help that I also took a semester off and dropped two classes in the middle of one semester, haha. But what matters is finishing, not when you finish. :grinning:

Haha, definitely more of a chance than mine that WP didn’t notice haha. But no, congrats! Hopefully it goes all the way!:grin: Must be exciting/ a little nerve-wrecking!


No, I’m sorry to hear that! That’s the worst situation, when you have no choice but to persevere if you don’t want to drown in bills more than you’re already drowning in. Life sometimes.:unamused:


Ahh, interesting! Yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen those kinds of covers a lot recently, save for on children’s book. Do you share some of your work in an art-book on WP? Or maybe DeviantArt?


Ugh, I completely understand how that feels! Job searching in general is just such a drag, not mention exhausting. But I’m rooting for ya’ to find something soon! Have you thought about trying some odd jobs here and there until a more stable one comes along?

As for driving, have you driven before? Don’t worry about fear of crashes. An accident can still happen even when you’re walking down the street. But The only way to learn to trust yourself is to get behind the wheel and practice, and the confidence will develop! :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha I definitely have a few stories. Nothing traumatized me, luckily, but it definitely changes your perspective when you do CPR on a couple people and there’s nothing left that can be done. Connects you to how short or crazy life can be.
Anecdotal story:
Crazy/tweaked out lady (very common in the foothills of California), amputated her fingertip. We got there, she was bleeding but ranting about how she had to clean her house. Her vaccuum apparently wasn’t sucking good, so she thought something was stuck in it. Turned it upside down, still running, and stuck her FINGER IN THE MOTOR. BOOM. ripped that sucker right off. The firemen couldn’t figure out where the finger was until the EMT i was shadowing told them to look in the vaccum bag. Lo-and-behold. There it was. She was tripping on some drugs all the way to the hospital lol. My only crazy story. The others are just unfortuneate or mundane lol.

Yes! You write your heart’s content. Passion and hard work will do you a lot of great! :slight_smile: I’m glad you love writing and I hope it gets you to where you can make a career of it. :slight_smile:


@theanaleao Aw, that’s sweet! Hopefully the debates don’t get too political, haha. And hopefully you do get to do tours one day! I love museums, especially if it’s about natural history or astronomy.

@Prisim Honestly, I know the feeling. Especially after I graduated, it was so hard finding a “real” job. So much for a degree. It took a long time, but it gets better. But damn, the struggle was there.:unamused:
Are you currently still writing even though you’re not as confident with it? I definitely think that feeling can change with time, especially the more you work on it, even if it’s only part-time. Good thing we have WP to practice on, eh?

@EllieGi Do you also plan on publishing or is it more of a free time thing?

@oliviarose85 Wow, that’s an interesting combo! Is the auto repair part-time? I always wanted to learn more about how to work with cars. The most I can do is tire change, but that’s so basic when I think about what mechanics can do.

@NeoCaelie Nice to hear you love it! I don’t think I’d like a 1-9pm, that’s like the whole day gone, haha. But I’ve done a 10-6 before, much more reasonable.:grin: Is your job something you’d want to do for the long run? It sounds like you can squeeze writing in at least part-time, that’s still something!


Sorry, her fingertip? As in the tip of her finger? As in the entire nail or the literal top of her finger? :flushed: But holy wow! I think those drugs were the only thing that sparred her from the pain and the realization that part of her finger was gone! I couldn’t do it if I were you. Blood doesn’t bother me say, during a surgery, but something like that, no, I’d be gone. Haha, maybe another reason I couldn’t do the first response thing. But I wonder how she reacted once she came down from it…:thinking:

And thank you! I really hope so too! So fingers crossed!:sweat_smile:


Funny thing about this is that i’ve been evaluating myself in my current job. I don’t know it’s because i’m sick or what, but lately i’ve been not-so-happy, always tired and sleepy. It did make me realize stuff on what to do with this job and what else i could do.


Thirty hours at each.


I’ve mostly just done babysitting for family friends whenever needed. It doesn’t get me a lot of money, but I don’t really go out a lot to begin with, so it’s enough for small things that I happen to need (mostly secondhand stuff. a lot of things are expensive here). I also usually just do a bunch of online surveys to earn a bit of extra cash, but I obviously can’t keep doing that forever, so a job is very much needed.

I guess at least while I’ve not got a job it gives me plenty of time to get writing done till I’ve found something.

I’ve never driven before, I usually just walk as there’s plenty of shops near me (although they’re all either food places, or secondhand stores) or take public transport since there’s a bus stop right outside where I live. I’m not entirely sure if or when I’m going to learn how to drive, one day maybe, it’s just easier to take public transport or walk for now.


Oh man after college sucked. “You don’t have experience” Well…great…so how do I get experience if even entry level jobs require experience? While one of the jobs I have now does kinda use my degree, it’s not enough to really count. It’s just a very small portion of the many things I do. Now that I’m looking again I’m not even bothering to look for jobs that will use my degree. My skills have laxed too much since they haven’t been used. Which is my fault, I should’ve kept up with them as a hobby at least. But I didn’t. So now I’m just holding out for a job with benefits that doesn’t require me to take too steep a pay cut.

Yup. I’ve always maintained that I can feel I suck at something, but as long as it’s fun I’ll keep doing it. Right now I’m not writing as much as I used to but that’s because of unrelated depression that’s just been kicking my ass. I’m slowly working through it, but I still very much have my good days and bad days.


I’ve been a service industry person since I graduated college with a biology degree. So much for making use of that. I eventually landed a job as a bartender which is not where I want to be, but I am very happy where I am. I get enough free time to devote to writing.


No joke. Life loves to kick you in the teeth as much as it can. Luckily, I only have a week left with the company. Something more lucrative and closer to home finally came in =)


Thank you so much! Something new actually came around so I’m done with my current company in a week. Fingers crossed this new venture isn’t nearly as grueling


I meant to reply to this thread when it opened but it was long winded and boring because I was so conflicted about my job…but because I had read through a little, wattpad kept putting this thread in my unread section and everyday I was greeted with “Are you happy with your current job?”

Well after a horrible week I am actually now typing my month’s notice to hand in tomorrow. So I guess I can finally answer: No. I am not happy with my current job :stuck_out_tongue:


lol. I guess I should’ve worded that different. If she’s in her last semester, Is she currently student teaching?


They don’t get TOO political but they sometimes do go there. It tends to be more in a curious way than old people shouting opinions haha. One thing it can be intimidating is that all of them could be my grandparents so certain themes you get a little cautious when talking about them. But let me tell you, they’re super progressive. I talk about LGBTQ and Feminist art (the really intense one from the 70s) and they LOVE it. I remember once explaining the difference between sex and gender in like 1 minute and they completely got into it, no questions, and further on they’d just understand things. This is really outstanding for me because they are from a generation that lived through a dictatorship so you kinda expect a different attitude, but nope. They’re really amazing people!