Are you all happy with your current jobs?



Maybe it’s the changing weather? I usually get so tired and sleepy around this time of year, even when it has nothing to do with work. It usually passes during October though!


@oliviarose85 Yikes, that is a busy week!

@urnothlikeme It really makes you wonder about these degrees huh? I don’t regret getting mine per se, but I was definitely under this false assumption that I’d instantly have all these opportunities post graduation. Yet, I still had to work in retail for a good year after graduating since the internships didn’t pay enough. Do you bartend at a busy place or is relatively calm?

@JustinW11 Haha, it’s all good! Yes, she’s working at an elementary school her mother used to teach in. She’s working with first graders I believe!


Ahh, gotcha. Well driving isn’t all that exciting anyway! :laughing: At least not to me. If public transport is convenient enough then there’s really no rush to get a license! The only time you may need a car is if the job you get is a little out of range for public transport, or will take twice or three times as long to get there with public tranpsort.


You are making me relieve some memories that are making me frustrated all over again! haha. People (as in professors, advisors, former superviors) kept telling me that because of my major, they’ll be open job positions left and right that I will qualify for after graduation… except wait, I need a masters and 3+ yrs experience in a related field for most of those jobs that I was already supposed to qualify for. :unamused: I’m getting experience now, but damn did I have to jump through hoops to actually get started.

On another note, I hope you’ll find the energy to kick depression right back in the ass.


That is immediately what I thought about when you mentioned debates. haha It’s understandable when you’ve grown up in such a different time. But from what I’ve heard from people who were teens or young adults in the 70’s, it was quite the time!:laughing:


Wattpad knew you needed to express your feelings, and it wasn’t going to let you go until you did. :laughing: But I’m going to congratulate you on working on your notice! Not many people can or would quit despite being unhappy with their current job. Was it what happened during the week that prompted you to this, or was it more of the icing on the cake?


Ohh, well there may be a light at the end of tunnel after all! Congrats! I hope it’s a muuuch better experience!:grin:


Tell me about it. Even now I have 13 years experience as an office assistant and I’m still getting the generic you don’t have the experience rejections from places I’m applying to. And as I’m looking entry level jobs that barely pay above minimum wage all require 3-5 years experience. So how the hell is a kid fresh out of school supposed to have 3-5 years experience and pay their bills? It’s ridiculous.


Ahaha, I don’t have a job to go to yet so quitting ourtight might be a lil dumb, plus I need to fulfil my contract to get my salaried holiday bought back off me.

Sooo, short story time. I’m an assistant sommelier/executive waitress at a restaurant that’s about to get a Michelin star, I’m there all day five days a week from 10 am to anywhere up to midnight and I know my shit, I run a third to a half of the restaurant on busy nights without help and I do most of the wine pairings.

This Tuesday we had a super exclusive wine dinner for our biggest supplier and the sommelier ran the event because he’s 8,000 times more qualified than me, no biggie. At the end of the night, I take over and some of the (all male) wine bigwigs make a few patronising, sexist comments toward me, again no biggie. Then our supplier hugs me way too much and starts kind of moaning my name into my ear and I run away.

I’m convinced to go out with them all for a drink and the supplier grabs me by the arse and starts telling me how sexy I am and “it’s a shame for you that you have a boyfriend, he cannot make you feel how I can” and I tell my manager and the assistant manager and they both laugh at me.

The guy comes back and keeps trying to get really close to me so I’m physically pushing him away and mouthing to the AM “help me” and she’s just like :woman_shrugging: “sorry” and my manager deliberately looks away.

And I just realised then that I can’t make a scene, none of these strangers care because the supplier is their friend, my friends don’t care because this guy is our supplier and chef hates me so if I make a formal complaint it’ll be nothing but hell for me.

And it’s just like

I am good at my job, I know my shit, I am not the object in a room full of rich men who are high up in my industry to laugh at/objectify

So yeah, sorry about the rant, but that’s what happened to me this week to convince me to leave


Thank you! I’m hoping too. Honestly, I need the insurance more than anything right now. It’s either that or a trip to Peru for surgery and I’d really like to stay here in the states. So yeah, fingers crossed!


The money is not consistent, but even during the slow season, working 2-3 a week is still more than enough to pay the bills. So I get enjoy a nice trade off between slow and busy seasons. Slow = less money but more time to write. Busy = more money but less time to write.


Good luck with it!


There’s no need to apologize. I’m sorry that you work with disrespectful, inconsiderate douchebags :unamused: The sad part is, I’m not that surprised this happened to you, because this world has too many shitty people in it that are “too powerful” to touch. And in most cases nothing ever happens to the men who treat women this way.

There’s this whole huge thing happening in the U.S. right now with a judge who is being accused of (he did it) assault. He’s trying to be a supreme court judge but his plans were “ruined” when a woman spoke up about the sexual assault against her. You may have already heard about that, but I know not everyone on WP lives in America, and I can’t assume that just because it’s the U.S. that people all over are following the news. But here’s to hoping he doesn’t get that promotion.

Anyway, I’m glad you’ll be getting out of there soon, that is just not a safe environment. I commend you for keeping it together because I would’ve lost it at the sexist comments alone. Like I’m getting upset just thinking about it. I’m even more upset to the people who just kind of shrugged it off. Why are humans like this? And to your friends who don’t care because that guy is your supplier, yeah those aren’t your friends. Dump them.


Kind of butting in here and replying to the first post I saw. But you’re in the field I’m planning to go in to.
I’m currently a teacher for elementary and middle school kids. And honestly, I don’t enjoy it. But that is more due to the management of the school and the way they’re running the place. The students I teach are great. But teaching just isn’t for me. The kids always tell me at the end of the year how they really hope I come back again the next year and sometimes I worry I’m doing something wrong. XD

But I’m looking to go into psychiatry or at least therapy. I’ve gone back to school in order to achieve that goal, but we’ll just have to see how it goes.


I always find it so brave changing your career. I LOVE psychiatry, you need to join medschool perusing that path. It’s going to be a tough journey. :sweat_smile:


Yeah. I think that I love my career a lot. While I’m steadily working on advancing my career, there is a lot of room for flexibility in the future if I want to ease up and write more. It can be difficult sometimes to balance work and writing, but I think it’s worth it as it puts more pressure on me to get my writing done. Even if I had the finances to write full time, I think that I would still work at least part-time. I like the balance.


I was just promoted at my current, which was a very pleasant surprise! Though I don’t want to be there forever because the pay isn’t what I’d want for me in 10 years. Or even 5.

I’ll be going back to graduate school to eventually become an English Professor, which is my second dream job (writing full-time is my first dream job).

i have to remind myself that I’m doing well because my anxiety says otherwise :laughing:


I actually really enjoy the learning part of things. I want to know something about everything but we really can’t, can we? And I know its going to be tough and I imagine it’ll take quite a while but at the present moment I’m pretty determined.

When I tell ppl I want to go into the field though, I’m always getting people trying to warn me off it as though it’s a bad thing.


I never regretted joining medschool. It was a very tough journey, but if I had a chance to go back in time, I’d pick medicine again. :slight_smile:


I am not happy at all with the job itself, but I am happy that it allows me to pay my bills and live with a sense of security. I joined this site to help motivate my love for writing and while I would love to be published one day, just being at a place with like minded people helps ease the burden of a job I hate.