Are you all happy with your current jobs?



Anxiety always tries to creep in when things are going great.:unamused: Glad you’re staying ahead of it! And congrats on the promotion!:smile: even if it’s not where you’ll see yourself in a few years.


I have never really wanted to be a published author, still don’t strangely. If I ever have a complete book on wattpad or the likes then I would be pretty happy with myself. I do like my current job because it is a step towards where I want to be even if it is stressful. My next job though needs to pay me a lot more.

As I like writing as a hobby, I would not like to do it for a career unless it was something like being a technical writer. I would like to do that job but don’t really know how you get into it. I just don’t want my love for writing to be killed by a 9 to 5 schedule and taxes.


I’m a stay at home ghostwriter so writing on wattpad even pays me. It helps me develop myself more as a writer!


I’m a maritime search and rescue specialist. Very happy in my work. Give it fifteen years or so and I’ll concentrate on writing properly when I retire!


I really dislike my current job, but it’s just a temporary stepping stone to the job I really want, so I can deal with it. I write in my spare time as a hobby, it’s never really something I have entertained as being a full time job.


I got inexplicably excited when I saw this post. Not because I don’t love or like my job–I work in education and (while I am not paid well) I do enjoy the work and love my students.

I like the idea of “making it” with my writing in the sense that I could potentially use it as supplemental income, but I am not sure I would want it to completely replace what I do for work. At least not right now. Maybe one day when I am able to retire.

Thanks for posting this :slight_smile:


My last full time job almost killed me through a combination of stress and severe sleep deprivation in the end. I’m currently under contract for a temp job at my local Wal-Mart. That’s going to last all month. And then I have a bell ringing job for the Salvation Army for November/December.

But in between jobs, I consider myself a full time writer/author.


I can’t say I’m happy or unhappy in my job, I’d guess I’d also have to say I’m semi-content. My job has nothing at all to do with writing, it’s in Operations (aka. Stock Management).

I don’t know if I want to become an author and make a living off of that, but I don’t want to be in my current job for the rest of my life. Sadly, bills, rent and overdraft need paying and I can’t find another job that pays more.

I’m content with writing for leisure, and making it would be an awesome, unplanned achievement, but I don’t want to be stuck in my current job forever.


I work in software, startups. People chasing dreams and burning cash and their own vanity spare no expense. That fuels much of my writing. Working for them, the next believer, the truth seeker. I’m just the magician in the middle. The stress can eat you alive.


So I visited this thread a month ago when my life was in chaos and I quit my job with nothing to go into after two years of working 12/14 hour days 5-6 days a week in a misogynistic environment I simply could not take it anymore. I instantly got back into the interview circuit and got a tonne of "we really like you but you’re too young"s.

Until I didn’t anymore. And now I have a job that starts on Monday and I am thrilled. I’m in theatre management, in a really cool job at a great venue and the work will be engaging and hard but about 2/3s odf the hours (for a decent pay rise). I am in shock.


I run my own business. If it was steadier income, I would love it. I can’t say I’m happy or not with it because the work itself is fabulous, but rent/bills/overdrafts need paying, and I really need to earn more.


I am satisfied with my job for now, but ultimately that’s not where my interests lie. I’d like to become a crime analyst, but I’d also like to publish a book one day. If I’m not able to accomplish the latter, I’ll be satisfied with knowing that there are a few people out there that enjoy reading my content. It definitely won’t stop me from writing since I enjoy it so much.


I’m published, but not successful. It’s more of a hobby for me.
My career though. I love it. I’m an emergency department supervisor in a trauma center. Always exciting.


Most of my day is spent in excel crunching all kinds of numbers, and writing is a much-needed creative outlet that keeps me sane. My job is pretty great, and I make a good living that allows me to pay the bills, do multiple vacations, not worry about money at all, but I don’t think I could stop writing even if I wanted to. I still plan to get at least one novel published the traditional route, but whether I’ll be a full-time author remains to be seen.


I’m generally satisfied at my job. I’m a C.O. at the county’s jail, so I can utilize my degree (criminal justice) and get involved in some nice opportunities, but of course there are other times it can be very stressful, or it feels like I’m a glorified babysitter with a bunch of whiners.

I write as a hobby with the dream to one day publish. I don’t realistically see myself ever doing it full-time, though of course it would be lovely if that did happen. Mostly it’s just a very fulfilling side endeavor.


I’m in the enviable position of absolutely loving my job. Like any job, it has its stresses and the internet never really switches off, but the teams I work with and manage are just incredible, and every day is different.

Writing as a means of escape from my previous job has very much changed my life,


That’s awesome. While I like my job, I do daydream about writing more, and just having more time in general to pursue passions and interests. And of course to sleep in.


Writing is my career. I went to school for screenwriting and have been Pursuing different opportunities for publishing for a couple of years. I’m just still in the process.


I work a couple of jobs, the one that I love is the one that I am hoping to keep for the rest of my life, ideally. I work as a photographer and filmmaker, I’ve done everything from photojournalism in D.C. and Cuba to weddings, newborn, family, and headshots for professional actors. I’m pretty new to film but I’ve done a couple of features, a few shorts, and have found working in fiction film to be pretty amazing. Ideally, I’ll find work as a conflict photojournalist and AC/DP on films.

The other job I work that helps with paying the bills, that unfortunately exist, is a nanny position. The little girl I watch is 11 months old and I’ve had her since she was 10 weeks old, it’s been a fun journey with her and I’ve always worked with and enjoyed working with kids. But, eventually I would like to get to the point to where I don’t have to babysit/nanny to make a living.

As far as writing, I kind of fall in the middle, I love it and always have, but I’ve never made it my number one goal as something to be successful in. I am currently getting more into writing scripts with the hopes of eventually producing and shooting them.


I’m an exceptional education teacher, and it’s been my dream job for as long as I can remember. (Well, when I was little I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, but close enough.)

If there’s any question about whether I want change, the question is ‘Which school do I teach at?’ rather than ‘Should I teach?’ I love my job and couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

The problem is, I also love writing. The last year or more has been a balancing act of prioritizing my teaching and my students, while still continuing to write outside of school.

Interestingly, they’re very much not mutually exclusive. I love teaching/ giving advice/ explaining writing things to new writers. And I love watching my students learn to communicate in new ways. As long as I can keep the best of both worlds, I’m happy.