Are you Creative with your Story?




Are You Creative with your Story?


Is creativity a necessity in a story?


You kind of need to be in order to properly create a plot. There isn’t a single formula that you can follow, that would make your writing pretty boring. Writing fiction is called creative writing for a reason - you need to think up characters from scratch, make believable worlds and environments, and then figure out how these characters should interact with one another. That’s pretty creative if you ask me.


Yeah pal that’s right but there are many people over there who want there story to appear more realistic, and that’s how they are eliminating creative writes


How can this contradiction between fictional creativity and realistic material can be resolved


A realistic story still requires those things from you. You still need to create characters, environments and plot. Even if the environment has it’s roots in real life, it still needs to go through a creative process to get translated into writing. Writing is a mental exercise, you need to be able to take concepts and ideas and twist them into something new. That is what being creative is.


You have very good vibe, but sometimes when it comes to contradiction like you wanna keep it real but your co-writer wanna make it look different & creative how can you resolve these situations.

What will you prefer here? being Creative or Realistic?

It’s like Choose your side.


I mean… I write Fantasy so I would certainly hope I was creative. I draw a bunch of inspiration from mythology - everything from Greek to Aztec - and come up with new lore, so I’d say that’s how I use my creativity.

And yeah, I’d say it’s necessary. You can’t really come up with characters, worlds, scenarios or… Anything, without creativity.


It isn’t one or the other. Human expression is by it’s nature creative. There is creativity in realism, and realism in creativity. A high concept fantasy novel still needs to lend from reality, just as a realistic novel needs to provide an escape from actual reality. A fiction novel isn’t rigid reality, it’s a playground. When writing stops being creative is when you start writing non-fiction, but even then I’d argue that you are being creative to a degree - given that you are creating something.


You make some excellent points :slight_smile: and I 100% agree that it isn’t one or the other, I’m of the opinion that you need a little bit of both. Pure “creativity” with no reality to ground it can be hard to relate to while pure “realism” with no creative elements regarding plot or character could be boring


Exactly. Creativity with no rules is chaos, and making sense of chaos is impossible. While if we want something 100% realistic, we could just go outside.


I think it’s very important for even the most creative stories to have some elements of realism in them to help keep them grounded and allow the audience to relate to the characters and plot. To use my favorite film trilogy as an example: in Star Wars there are heaps of fantastical elements, like space travel, aliens, an evil empire, wise old space wizards with laser swords. But it keeps a few things relatively mundane to keep the story from being too out there and destroying the audiences willing suspension of disbelief. If you take a look at Luke’s problems in A New Hope he starts off as a whiny kid who wants to goof off with his friends rather than work on a farm, not the most creative or original conflict but the struggle between goofing off and doing work is something I can relate to, for me anyway, it helps me empathize with Luke and that little bit of grounding in something less than fantastical helps the story, in my opinion. In Empire Strikes back I’d say his biggest struggle is deciding whether to stay and train with Yoda or help his friends, it’s a struggle between doing your duty or choosing to help the people you care about and again it’s something I can relate to albeit on a smaller scale. I know I’ve made the choice between going to work and staying home to take of my dog when he was sick, work would have liked me to come in but I couldn’t let my dog be home alone throwing up


I totally agree with you, while writing my story I stuck between choosing to create the settings in a new different universe or create brand new laws/rules or just keep it in the same earth we know but add my sci-fi twist to it. While researching, I found out that most people like it when the story is set in places that exist in real life (for example one of my characters who is a robot works at the Northridge hospital which exists IRL in LA) and apparently that hooks people more because it’s a place that people can google and go to.




I am not really creative. I wrote two stories, one about bullying and another about pearl diving. Nothing creative about either of them.


Pearl diving isn’t something you come across often.




Maybe? I cannot really judge myself if I am or am not creative. I think we are all creative in our own way. I guess when it comes to my stories, I always like to make it an open interpretation about reality and have a bit of discussion about it.