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When the title you were gonna use for your story is already the title of like 6 stories here on Wattpad…



I honestly try to find titles that are barely used on wattpad so they usually come out really stupid lol


Can relate XDDDDD

Yup, we sailing the same ship XD


Original titles are so hard to find :weary:


@Atlantaes Hey, at least they’re original then!

@bangtancha I think I finally found a fitting one? The problem is the story is based highly on Ancient Greek myth, which I am the biggest nerd ever for, and I didn’t even know the symbolic meaning behind the word/name that I am thinking of titling it. I know that I could give the definition in my “introduction”/ naming off the important gods, but I dunno, it feels like would take away from it.


IDK, but I feel like when authors explain stuff at the beginning, like characters’ personalities or things relevant to the story, it’s a bit confusing and I almost never remember it. But if it’s just explaining your title, or if you could someone explain it in 1-2 sentences (kind of like a prologue thing) it could be fine.


I agree with you.

It’s really frustrating when an author info dumps every thing about the character, and introduces all the characters in their first chapter and I’m rather reeling trying to remember where I am


Nah, none of the main characters are explained in the intro. Just some aesthetics for the fun of it and the names and powers of some of the gods that will be mentioned or are otherwise important. The prologue is when the audience will be introduced to the characters.

anyway… if a story is titled “Pallas,” would you by any chance know what I’m referring to?


A Couple of Ways to NOT start your story:

  1. With the MC waking up
  2. "Hi, my name is _____ and I am ___ years old and __[insert some sob backstory here blah blah blah]
  3. Both of these things combined.

Seriously, the amount of promising stories on Wattpad that I immediately gave up because of these cliches starting the first chapter…



Me personally I try to begin my works with either a funny hook or some sort of short event right before the actual premises.

Some of my favorite authors include Pocketbangtan and Sooaura and they always begin their books with some sort of events or hooking first liner that I admire


I was like “yes!” until I realized my story starts with a MC waking up :joy: although it’s what allows the main plot to happen so I have no choice :slightly_frowning_face:

And no IDK what Pallas is/means?


Alright, waking up is allowed if it’s part of the plot. But maybe add a sentence or two before that leads into it?

And yeaaaah, I didn’t think so.



What did I start? And hey guys long time no talk!


What do you think Tae is whispering to Namjoon here?


@cupofsarcasm You’re back! Hi!

@PhoebeSummers “We’re the coolest people in this McDonald’s.”


This is how it starts: “It was yet to be half past ten in the morning when Park Jimin woke up in a bed that wasn’t his.” and yes I know the grammar is weird, I need to fix it

but I don’t mind much, the whole (short) chapter is Jimin waking up, going home, and finding Hoseok dead, which kicks off the story :eyes:


“You’d fit so well as a Cullen in the Twilight Movies.”


How to join a group here?


Ohh, that’s different! That’s fine. I meant the cliche where the first sentence is the MC’s alarm going off or something. You’re good!


Murder a man and drink his blood.

Nah, jk, we’re not that hardcore. Welcome to the club!