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Ooh… Okayy


Yes! How’s everything going?


It’s going a whole lotta “…yeaaaah”.




Hope things are okay though


Sooo I’m seeing Burn the Stage tonight and I started making these, I’m gonna pass them out and hopefully not get weird stares lmao


I’m going to see it tonight as well!!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
also, those are awesome! :heart:


Have fun!! I’m super excited! I’ve heard nothing but good things about the showing!


@PhoebeSummers @cupofsarcasm Hope you guys have a great time at the showing! I was planning on going tonight, then an open house thing came up. Not nearly as fun, though!


‘Look at them staring at us. They’re just jealous they aren’t the most handsome face in the world.’





casually falls out of my chair Ok you three need to stop murderering me please and thank you. These are some dang looks for sure!


You guys should definitely check out this mashup:

It is on point! :heart:



“Hurry up you rodent coachmen, I want to get to the ball! We’re already f**king late! I swear, if someone else gets to dance with the prince before me, I’ll be cooking mice for dinner!”


Side note, this Baekhyun with this Taehyung is pure death by sexy.


Helloooo, I am here now and I mostly write Taekook fanfics (Yeah ik, kinda cringey) but i’m planning to write other things too.


Welcome to the club dearie! offers up the customary Tae and SugaKookies and Jimin’s Jam and Toast I hope you’ll enjoy it here!


@cupofsarcasm @PhoebeSummers How was the film?


I really loved it! I was afraid that it was similar to the Youtube series, but it wasn’t at all, although there are several things that you can find in there as well. It was mostly just behind the scenes stuff and showing the real them. Not just as members of BTS but as brothers, friends and individuals. I thought it was really beautiful :slight_smile:
What about you? @cupofsarcasm


Seesaw is quickly becoming one of my favorite songs of the whole album…

ALSO: real question - why do people put question marks AT THE END OF SENTENCES THAT ARE CLEARLY STATEMENTS, NOT QUESTIONS!?!? Are schools failing at teaching kids proper punctuation, so the kids think they can put anything at the end of a sentence?


seesaw is my lullaby.