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These two get over disagreements in the oddest ways.



I do NOT remember this, when was it?!? I need to watch asap. The bangtan video drought we’re going through is hard :sob:


Oh wow… I have no idea when it was! I know I’ve watched it but I don’t know when it was or where they were!


Don’t you guys love the bad English in SBTS?

“Clear same song again & again? It is not okay to clear this mission.”

… what?



I’m sorry, I just had to share this gem.
I feel attacked.

Purrrr <3


I’d love to hear Jimin and/or JK sing Astronaut by Simple Plan… anyone else?


My lungs. My poor lungs :joy: :joy:


Also, if you guys haven’t already listened to this masterpiece; do it now!


‘This whole was argument is ridiculous anyways when we have a whole ass Min Yoongi looking like a three course meal 24/7’ That got me hahaha. Preach dubbed Namjoon, preach!


this is hilarious :joy:


The first one of those vids, for anyone curious


I told a complete stranger yesterday that I was buying something from about my crush on a Korean man that lives on the other side of the world and doesn’t know I exist and she said, “Well, long-distance relationships can be tough but they can work.”


That’s seriously the sweetest thing I’ve heard in a while. It’s a small reminder to never give up on what you dream of most. Keep your head up, keep going… and don’t give up when things seem impossible. Because hey, you never know. Sometimes dreams do come true.

Or am I reading into things to much? :slight_smile:


…You might be reading into it too much. I think she sorta missed the whole “celebrity crush” part of it.

Still, what you said is kinda nice. It’s a very nice sentiment. Though I would never give up my real dreams just for a guy. That’s a compromise I refuse to make.


lmao I think everyone took the “he doesn’t know I exist” as a “he doesn’t really see me” when it’s more like “he has never seen me” :joy:

also I will keep my hopes up that one day marrying yoongi will happen :eyes:


(I can’t believe I managed to be here the same time as a reply… yay!)

And that could be it… a straight-up Atlas by Shannon Saunders moment?

“Nah, I don’t mean ‘I see you, you don’t see me’ in like a metaphorical way, I literally mean I see him in videos and he does not know I am a human being in this physical sense.”


I Googled “marrying BTS” and these were the top results:

that second one… for some reason, I highly doubt it.


yeah that second one seems like clickbait :joy:


It got better - someone literally asked on Quora “Do I have a chance of marrying a BTS member?”


I mean, they probably do, but it’s like 0.0000000001% :joy: