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Hey, the top answer did put some numerical probabilities! With, of course, preference given to some demographics.


This is officially a series now. My poor lungs


I finally found some ARMYs to hang out with! Anyone see Burn the Stage?


No, it looks pretty good. Better than I could do anyway


Beautiful, this is what we’ve been waiting for


Welcome to the club dearie! offers up the customary Tae and SugaKookies and Jimin’s Jam and Toast We hope you’ll enjoy it here!


I’m already loving it, thank you for the Tae and Kookies. I don’t know how Jimin got the jam though


He didn’t, we took them for the toast xD


Oh yes, Jin probably toasted the bread though because he’s hot af


whoever makes these needs an oscar lmao :joy:


hi :hugs: from that jimin’s jam comment I can tell you really belong here haha :purple_heart: welcome!


Go get Suga that grammy while you’re at it


Aw RM voice Strong power, thank you. I purple you as well!


Omg he also did Run BTS. This guy officially has my subscription.


Omg the best Run episode too!!

“I’m from Daegu b*tch try me! That’s what I thought!” :joy:

“Has anyone seen Jimin?” & “Has anyone seen Jungkook?” :joy:

“I’m Kim Seokjin gimme that!” :joy:

I. Am. Dead. :joy::joy::joy:


Every time I listen to “Waste It On Me” I swear I hear “I wanna be your wife.”

And I dunno, but I’m pretty sure I’d be up for that.


:rofl: how do you hear" I wanna be your wife":joy:


It’s now all of a sudden November 21 i need some sleep…



No funko, don’t do this to me. You already stole my wallet with the Kingdom Hearts pops, but now BTS? You know I’m gonna want em all.


@kittygirlandveronica I dunno, I guess we hear what we wanna hear.

@JiminSSIKookie … what is Funko…?