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Annyeong armyyyy just discovered this thread, hope I’m not too late to join in the conversation :D:D:D


Funko Pops are basically these cute vinyl figures. I’m using the Kingdom Hearts Pop picture for reference, but Funko has made tons of Pops including ones for Comic Books, Movies, TV, Gaming characters, you name it, they’re probably made it. Now they’re going to make a vinyl figure for each of the guys, which is amazing because the only other Korean musician to have a funko made of them is PSY


Great now we can be even poorer than before XD




Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


he looks like he be spilling some high-class tea to joon :o


woah I need to do this more lol rip
QOTD: Are you a morning person?

Me: NO.


No :sob:


Guys I kinda lowkey want to change my user to JingleJiminSSI for Christmas but I don’t want to lose my current username. >.<


I am definitely not a morning person, but I’m not really a night person either.


ohhh if you change it please tell me so I know it’s still you :joy: I get so confused when people change their username!


Same especially if they change their username every minute.


I decided to make a followback account because I don’t have enough room to follow all my followers and I named it that. No worries.


Alright, I want BTS to cover the songs in the amazing movie Coco like, six months ago.

Jungkookie would sing Remember Me so well.


Also if anyone wants a festive theme, BTS or otherwise hit me up. I have a ton of leftover photos and backgrounds because I was making a bunch to go with mine for my followers, so I can gladly whip you up a cute little theme for your page. If you want ideas of my work look at the tags in my bio.


How was everyone’s holiday week, if you had a holiday?


Hey guys!! I’m Jay! How’s it going?


Welcome to the club dearie! offers up the customary sugakookies and tae with Jimin’s Jams and toast We hope you’ll like it here!


UWU omg <3