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but today’s Sunday :sun_with_face:


clap clap clap clap TAEKOOK! My poor lungs hurt


:joy: I swear these videos are golden lmao


Ohhhh btw aren’t you going to Korea soon? :smiley:


Has anyone ever done nails for Kpop groups? (Also wow these copied and pasted huge.)

image image
image (If I could draw I would totally do these Cooky ones!)


A youtuber I follow had her nails done with the picture of the 10 korean guys she liked printed on her nails. Imagine looking at your nails and seeing JK, it’s the dream :joy:


those are sooooo cute :3


That’s one way to show your affection!

@Lightning_Stryker I seriously love the Cooky one. I might have to get one of my more artistic friends to draw that one with my nail art pen that I never use because I have zero artistic ability.


Welcome to this particular BTS thread, by the way! It’s been a while!


It has! I’ve been around though, haha. Good to see you!


These are just darn cute.


I’m squealing omg. I love BT21.


They’re super cute. And I’m loving some of the base colors!


I want to get a shooky keyring but I still haven’t found a store that sells…

on another note, I picked up a few goodies from etude house.


Amazon that!


YES! <3


They’re so hard to get ahold of

#2489 Holy moley wackamoley $16 for a lipstick I could get one for Sephora for that money.

Or like, 15 from shopmissa.

Annnnd $30 for the tinted foundation. As nice as it looks, I am not willing to pay $30 for a foundation that I can’t swatch and can be pretty sure is not full coverage.


Those are sooooo cute. I spend way too much money on BT21 and BTS omg…


cough Hot Topic cough