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@Lightning_Stryker I don’t have any BT21 stuff, but I’d totally consider it now… or maybe I should just stick to nails.

#I’msupercheap #college

@JiminSSIKookie I haven’t been to a Hot Topic in so long…


They literallly had the 16 inch cushions available on Thanksgiving but they sold out along with some of the plush keychains


I have some! I went to the Line Store this summer! <3


I’ll do that when I return to Canada…


I know…

I actually saw a few knock off bt21 pouches while exploring a historic shopping district a few days ago.


hm… tempting but I’ll pass.


My uncle got me some shirts, the koya and mang cushions, and the full body koya and chimmy plush keychains. then i actually went to one of the line stores and got a chimmy cushion, some more shirts, and hard keychains of van, mang, and chimmy :3


Hold up, your uncle? That’s awesome!


If I can find bt21 merch at the local line store, I might just buy a shooky travel mug, a koya and chimmy or shooky keyring and maybe a hoodie.

I think I might be able to get one of those new after school club hoodies.


Yeeeah! He lives by one of the Line Stores and he knows how much I love bts and BT21 so he always takes little trips to the Line store for me :heart:


Omg which hoodies are those?


So what’s everybody’s favorite holiday here?


Between Christmas and Fourth of July UWU


Ah, you’re a Christmas person.


you sound so disappointed :joy: Christmas is the best :mrs_claus:


I like Christmas! Liking it even more now that Christmas means off from college for a few weeks…


*i meant to write ‘anti-social social club’


Halloween because I love dressing up. But Christmas has become fun on wattpad because I’ve been making a bunch of people cute themes for their pages and I enjoy making themes haha.


What does that mean? XD


ooooh those sold out soooo fast omg