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@JiminSSIKookie Halloween is fun! I wish it was warmer that time of year though!

@Lightning_Stryker No idea :blush:


My dad is currently discovering emojis and it’s like the day Thomas Edison perfected the modern lightbulb.


Why am I just seeing this?


Mom I love him XD


Do you know where it’s from?


The Japanese Airplane part 2 MTV shoot?


sooooo big hit is debuting a new group in early 2019 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


soon soon




and people already be throwing shade :pensive::pensive:


I am sooooo excited :3


woooow give the poor group a chance


:frowning_face: don’t they have something better to do :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


So, the person is hating on a group of kids without knowing anything about them because she loves a certain group…?

You can’t hate because of love, jerk.


Sadly no.


Yeah it was lol

I can’t believe I’m just now seeing it.


When you have a reading to do, a test to study for tomorrow, and have to go to work tonight but you still don’t wanna do homework…



“Guys what does sack mean?” My lungs…ow my lungs hurt from laughing. These are gold.


Jungkook falling on the floor while sleeping is one of my top 5 bangtan moments ever :joy: never gets old


I hope yg ent debuts a new group with one member from treasure J team…

and their 토끼 from team A.