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Rumor has it Jimin got a new tattoo?


Are you talking about the fake tattoo Nevermind that is the same that he had at MAMA 2014 or 2016? I heard it could be for this year’s MAMA or for the future comeback?


I dunno, just heard someone say something about that. I was wondering is someone else knew anything about it.

Fake tattoo, though. Huh.


Mom, I love him.


Also silver Jimin is back for a bit and I can’t deal.


They added BT21 body pillows, shirts, headbands, plushies, and hoodies. There goes everyone’s wallets!


I felt the same way when I learned that OPI and Disney signed a contract to collab on nail polishes for new Disney movies.


Twitter Army’s are still trying to figure out if it’s fake or not because he’s had it for a really long time now, and usually temp tattoos don’t last that long :thinking:


I dunno, it’s kinda cool if it’s symbolic. But if it’s temporary and for work, then it’s still a neat looking tattoo.


oh my god


Purple Death just hit 500 reads :clap::clap::clap:



@FuturisticSuga He’s got a lovely voice.

@bangtancha Congrats!


Look at this! I hope this ends up on TV. It’s so sweet!


Imagine if they did a carpool karaoke in a palisade :weary: what a commercial it would be!


this is unrelated to bts
but i just bought a smol labrador retriever uwu
her name is tannie (courtesy of yeontan)


omg he’s so cute :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Omg so cute! Take all of my uwus little pupper!


She’s super cute! How old is she?


Y’all, apparently BTS aren’t even human and are “inexplicably connected to…”

The Simpsons



high pitched squealing


I was going to post that a few days ago but I forgot…