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So I’ve just come to a very interesting realization. All of my multifandom biases/main bias wreckers are rappers. Which that alone to me is ironic because I can’t stand rap unless it’s Korean XD.

Here’s the list for those interested.
BTS: (this is only exception in terms of main bias)
Bias: Jimin
Bias Wreckers: Hobi and Yoongi

Monsta X Bias: Changkyun (there are no wreckers, at least not one that could knock him out of ult bias status)

Got7 Bias: BamBam

Exo Bias: Sehun
Bias Wrecker: Chanyeol


This is so aesthetically pleasing to me idk why. Also again Jimin you need to realize that you with silver hair is the death of me.


Buchaechum dances (and related fan-based dances) are always super beautiful. :heart:



No hate, but I legit would love to hear Jungkook cover Baekyun’s solo song Psycho. His voice would suit it so well. Don’t get me wrong, Baekyun slays the song, but I’d love to hear Jungkook sing it.

Also side note yes idols covering idols does exist, because we have this masterpiece:


Y’all life ain’t strange life is complicated.




Why did you blur that out?

btw hi arrie.


*it’s a spoiler from yg treasure box ep. 3




My dearest people, why are we not talking about BTS’s MMA show? is it me or was that just beyond epic!
I’m seriously wowed!


it truly was!! seriously one of the best they did :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I want to watch it ASAP! I’m saving it for later as a treat for getting stuff done!


Nope, no, HEEEEEELL NO. You can go sit in a timeout Joon, ain’t nobody allowed to be walking around looking that good.


Hello people


Hey…guyzz…I am Sneha


He is damn cute…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


@kmin1996 @Sneha_Sea hi! welcome :hugs:


Hot like fire :fire:


Wait hold the phone, is it me or is his hair like dark purple there? Namjoon you need to stop being so loud my dear, this is why I can’t have a bias list.

Also @kmin1996 and @Sneha_Sea welcome to the club dearies! offers up the customary SugaKookies and Tae with Jimin’s Jams and Toast. I hope you both enjoy it here!