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Holy crap it’s been a while since I came in here


How are y’all?


hey! long time no see :hugs: :hugs:


I await the day when one of the BTS members is doing something crazy and he yells “WHY AM I DOING THIS!?” really loudly.

And then he looks around and says, “oh, yeah. it’s for you guys.”




QOTD: What/who made you smile/laugh today?




What is MAMA?

Asia’s biggest music awards, The 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony, organized by CJ E&M; through its music channel Mnet, will take place from December 10 through December 14, 2018 (dubbed as " MAMA Week") in South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong with the theme, “Challenge, Passion, Dream.

How do we vote for our favourite artists at MAMA?

To vote for your favourite artists at MAMA, visit the link above, and sign in through any one of these:

  1. LINE

  2. Instagram

  3. NAVER

  4. Twitter

  5. Facebook

  6. tumblr.

  7. KAKAO

  8. Weibo

MAMA voting is also available on TikTok.


Whats are the little square below the idols for?


I just woke up, but Hobi’s post on twitter with 6 of them waving and then he turns the camera to a motionless suga :joy:


My best friend at work did. He comes over to me, keep in mind I’ve had the largest crush on my other coworker for a while now, but he kind of stays distant (he used to flirt with me a lot), anyways my bestie goes to me and says: “You know that saying, there’s plenty of fish in the sea? Well you just happen to have your eye on that one specific, emotionally distant salmon with commitment issues.” Let me tell you I howled so hard at him.



Yoongi stop being psychic. Ya’ll BTS is nominated for a Grammy. Geezus apparently we’re just going to give Min Yoongi everything he wants, and that’s totally ok with me.


hahaha but it’s like “best packaging” so it’s for the packaging artist not the musical artist no? :thinking: oh well as much as I adore them I don’t think they are at the grammy level yet :no_mouth:


Yeah still think its ironic though haha.


Just got out of history class and two things made me laugh:

The professor asked: “For how many of you is this your last class before the weekend?” (people raise hands) “Yeah, me too. Let’s get this done quickly.”

And then later when he was describing the life of Alexander the Great he was saying how Alexander conquered Persian, “he actually got to India. And then he died.”

For some reason, my friend and I found this transition absolutely hilarious.


This is really hilarious. :joy:


Guys, I was just thinking -

How much money do you think unofficial companies (this isn’t just for BTS or K-pop as a whole, but I have a feeling it’s a huge problem area) have made from using logos, images, and titles of things and keeping all the money for themselves?

Like, a company takes a photograph of Yoongi from the internet and can paste it on a Tshirt, sell it for $19, and none of that money goes to Yoongi or BigHit or anywhere but the company that produced the shirt. So they’re using a famous person’s likeness without their permission or a contract, and keeping the money.



Tell me that vocal line singing this with Hobi doing the beats like Kevin does would not be a dang masterpiece


omg that’s my favorite song ever :weary: if BTS covers this I am done. DONE.

also I do not understand why some people see this as a christmas song but that is a debate for another day


@JiminSSIKookie HOLY COOKIES YES I WANT THIS COVER TO HAPPEN. This is an amazing song!

@bangtancha Yeah, I don’t get it either. Either way, I’m glad Pentatonix performed it!


(Also one of my favorite Wattpad authors is lurking on this thread and I am fangirlling like it’s the end of the world.)


^found this after scrolling through yt for an idol who covered hallelujah.