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Them lips! <3


They are fantastically nice lips, now that you point it out. Good genes must be respected.


I feel like I should be eating these with Jimin


so I did the whole plan of my next murder mystery and I feel like it’s too elaborate and everyone will be confused??? :sob: what do I dooooo


Adding to my list:

-a mafia/gang ships AU

-a bad girl/good boy AU (or non-AU?)

I'm leaving the fandom

not gonna call myself army anymore. a lot of shit happened and i don’t wanna relate myself to the fandom. not gonna go in the deets cause i dont wanna cry. still love the boys, but i’m no longer an army.


yup …waiting to die :joy:


its going to be really hard…especially suga being my bias :zipper_mouth_face:


lol Jin’s lips are so plump, nice, juicy looking. Like Jimin’s. haha.


My bts book bag came in! and my army bomb! :smile::joy: now i’m waiting on a bts poster. I already got one but i want another. after that comes in i’m going to get a few sweaters.


SAMMEE I can’t even use the method of who turns me on as my bias picking system anymore XD That little machine exploded after just a few weeks as an army XD Now I just gotta combine adorableness with uniqueness and uwuness ^-^


Was that gif supposed to make me freak out more or was it in annoyance of me? :sweat_smile:


:astonished: h-h-h-how? I want bts memorabilia so badly but I still don’t got a thing except one poster :disappointed_relieved:


I’m so sorry! I would ask what happened but I don’t want to put you through any pain…):


lol right. and it’s actually pretty cheap and affordable. i got like a lot of BTS stuff, mouth covers, a hat, two jackets, shirts, bookbag, a poster, and i’m gonna buy some sweat shirts and a bts phone case when i buy me a phone lol.

I want to buy millions of posters of them. like i want all the fucking posters!!! i’m always jealous of someone who has more bts posters than me. also a few albums too. Like dark and wild, love yourself, and wings. I love them albums. and Skool luv affair.

I will go to one of their concerts if they bring their asses over to my city. But if i was an adult, hell yeah i would fly my ass on over to a city to go to their concert and that’s it and hopefully and fan meeting. and my life would be complete, and i can die happy.


It was for the look of shock at the beginning, actually. I was too lazy to change the gif so it was just that part.




I thought that was Jimin :pleading_face::joy:


Oh MY GOD! I just noticed you’re the author of Purple Death! No wonder your @ looked so familiar :sob: I loved it so much, it was the first one I binged until 4am in a while :joy::purple_heart: whatever you do will be amazing! But I sometimes struggle too with description. I love throwing words together but something I read confuses someone else :sweat_smile: I think you should just write it out and go with the flow then pinpoint the parts where you think there might be confusion? Also, you were so good at asking if there were questions at the end of your chapters too :blush:


ayo is @JiminSSIKookie on?