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Ahh the next Agatha Christie I see


Anyone on?


I wouldn’t doubt it! :pleading_face::purple_heart:


exactly, I couldn’t write a mystery to save my life


Dude same :joy: too many plot twists and hidden clues that my brain could never think of! Lol


yeah lol, so what do you write than?


Right now I’m working on an au, i don’t know how to describe it other that General fiction lol… maybe with a lesson to it? Idk, it’s not very far along but I have a bunch of ideas for it :sweat_smile: what about yourself? :blush:


I mean same I’m working on three fanfics right now two of which I’m posting


Ooh are they BTS or other? :scream: Are they posted yet?


they are BTS and one of them has a chapter the other I’m working on


I just saw! :joy: thank you for following and adding my stories omg :purple_heart: I just started “watch what happens” i LOVE SHIP STORIES


thank you! I’m currently reading a BTS fanfic called “Try me” it’s sooooo good, but yours are going to be the next ones I read


I haven’t read that one! I’ll check it out! I’m always looking for fics lol :joy: and omg dont worry about it! Whenever you can or want :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


oh I want to, they sound super interesting


thank you so much :sob: IM CRYING AT YOONSEOK :purple_heart::green_heart:


It’s like my favorite ship!!!


Mine too!! After Namjin but def before Jikook :sob:


yeah same! Are you Suga-biased? I’m Namjoon-biased


Not to sound like one of those people but I honestly don’t have one :sweat_smile: my sisters said I biased rap line but I just love all of them so much I couldn’t pick


namjoon is my bias but all of them are major bias wreckers, also can you help me?