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Yes I guess :blush: I think I’ll write a few chapters before I fully commit to it :no_mouth:

also I need to finish edit Purple Death rip :dizzy_face:




it’s fine they denied it


ohhh well I’m behind I think :joy: I already struggle to keep up with all the BB drama :eyes:


same I’m just following JiminSSIkookie and have been kept posted


Lmao :joy: editing may be just as hard as writing the dang thing I wish you luck and patience with that! What are you editing though if you don’t mind me asking? Small things like grammar? Or like heavy editing?


No just grammar. Since English isn’t my first language I have someone reviewing the story as she reads it and pointing out mistakes & sentences that sound weird. So I correct what she points out :blush: I should probably re-write some small parts & add some things here and there, but I don’t have the time these days so it will have to wait :confused:


English is my first language and I suck at it! You are amazing!


False alarm, we’re good. Geezus that was something though. Also I’ve tried keeping up with the BB stuff but it’s hard. Though they’re all deserving of jail time in my eyes for what they did.


Oh my gosh I couldn’t even tell!! Not that it would lessen the quality of your work, but still! That’s amazing! It is such a beautiful piece, it really is! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


it’s true!


Ohhh I love when people tell me they can’t tell~ otherwise I start to question myself too much :joy: thank you :purple_heart:

@JiminSSIKookie yup, I completely agree :pensive:


I need your help!


what’s up? :hugs: I’m going to bed soon but I have like 5 min before I do!


I’m gonna write a murder mystery-ish thing and would like some pointers


of course! What do you struggle with?


not giving too much info on clues


Oh, it depends on your clues I’d say. Some you have to slowly reveal, and some you have to drop with a bang. Also, it’s like a puzzle. You should have multiple clues, and put the pieces one by one :blush: Is that what you mean?


yes it was and that really helped thank you!!! I hope I can write one half as good as yours


uwu you’re sweet! Let me know if you need more help :hugs: