Area |BTS|



okay! :hugs:


If you have a plan or have a specific clue you need help with just ask :hugs:


okay I will be sure to do that! thank you soo much


Hey! I joined this group about a week ago I love the piano covers and fanart!!




how was your day?


good, and you?


Great, I went Ice skating with my family and then went out to eat!


Look at the king Suga!


sounds amazing


why do you have to kill me so?


Lol, who is your bias? Mine is Jeon Jungkook


I love namjoon


I wish he was my dad, haha


i don’t it would be like I would be fangirling over my dad and that would be strange


And Jin would be my mom and Suga would be my brother, V and Jimin would be my cousins and J-hope would be my uncle, and Jungkook would be my boyfriend


True tho lol


exactly and i love my family a lot as it is


I know, I love my family too, but it would be fun to have them as my family for a day


yeah true, I just want to hug them they are all such marsh mellows