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Ayyyyy. So happy I found this thread. Yoonmin enthusiast, but I love them all. I’m going to the May 19th NJ concert if anybody else is. Will beta for beta. But honestly lets nerd out. @sunbaescout on Twitter.


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This will be my new summer anthem!


Omg the song is really cool but, do you know you mashup K / DA x BTS - Pop / Stars & Mic Drop @JiminSSIKookie its one of the best in my opinion ^-^



Another Memory to Treasure: Jin
It’s raining. It pours down in sheets, like needles of graphite, hitting his back, in a rhythmical soothing beat.

It’s comforting.

They softly collide with the taught muscles of his back, pulled tight with tension, from the fury that had previously crept into his body. He doesn’t realise, that the stiffness carried pain with it: a dull ache, barely noticeable, but there.

The rain eases it. It bounces harmlessly off the leather jacket he had pulled on hastily, while he was still blinded with tears as he stumbled out the doorway into the dark night.

The rain mixes with the tears that had flowed out, after he had run a couple of paces from the door, splashing through his trainers, and soaking through his hair. It trickles in through the gashes in his ripped jeans, and the cold wind decides to blow harder, chilling him.

A small shiver.

Typical December weather.

He stands under the lamplight, watching the river flow beneath him, as he stands on the highest point of the bridge, right at the peak of the curve. His reflection shows back a distorted mess, as the wind races over the surface, tossing up the water.

The reflection looks like his emotions.

The gentle ripples the water makes, as the wind stirs its surface, calm him down, soothing the waves of anger, hurt and self-criticism inside him, until he feels as if he’s drifting with the current.

He was a weak man.

Though he knows Jungkook didn’t mean anything by teasing him, it had hurt him all the same: the relentless way Jungkook felt the need to point out his flaws, his imperfections,- as if he didn’t notice them already.

The way he claimed Taehyung was stealing his handsomeness- basically calling him ugly; the fact that Jin got fewer lines, and he got a bit more attention this time because of ARMY-not his fault his voice was so unique.

Though they were small reasons, they got to him all the same.

His insecurities were his monsters, and while the rest of the world also fought with theirs, it was much harder for him. Some would feel the need to point them out in the comments of social media and write long articles on his fingers that were “abnormally crooked.”

And though there were countless other comments praising him, the negative ones lingered.


A repetitive thud-splashing, that grew louder as it came towards him.

He looks up, breaking away from his thoughts.


He is running towards the elder, water splashing at his ankles, holding an umbrella, which hangs halfway off him. The water pours off the edge, sliding into his shirt.


Despite himself, Jin silently muses at Namjoon’s idiocy, and a surge of affection rushes inside him, before he quells it.

Namjoon didn’t stick up for him.

He wants to sulk.

“Jin-Hyung!” Namjoon gasps out. He tilts the umbrella over Jin, in an attempt to prevent the rain from attacking his older brother even more. Instead, a waterfall rushes down as the umbrella falls short, splashing right under the collar of Jin’s leather jacket. He yelps from the cold.

“Idiot!” Jin says, but he cracks a grin anyways. It’s hard to stay mad at Joonie.

Jin is a weak man.

“Hyung, Jungkook is actually so sorry. We all are. We shouldn’t have let him go that far. Please come inside, you’re going to catch a cold. It’s freezing.” Namjoon is babbling like an idiot, eyes wide, as his fingers wind through Jin’s soaked shirt, pulling him away from the bridge.

Jin snorts.

He was less likely to catch a cold until Namjoon turned up, but he links his arm through Namjoon’s anyway, taking the umbrella from him, because Namjoon is doing a terrible job of keeping the water out.

They make their way through the dark night, together, their bodies pressed close.

Namjoon wraps his arm across Jin’s chest, in an attempt to warm him by sharing body heat.

Jin smiles. Cute.

When they reach the hotel they are staying at Jin hesitates, not sure of what to do but he steps inside the seventh floor, that has been entirely booked out for BTS alone.

He enters the hallway to a crowd of solemn faces. Even Yoongi looks slightly worried. Jungkook worries at his lips, eyes on his feet and a slight tinge of red to his cheeks. Jin notices the eyelashes are slightly damp.

He’s a weak man.

It’s hard to stay mad at his babies. He smiles.

“What? I’m not dead. Come here.” He opens his arms, and they all rush in.

Suddenly, everything is okay. No matter how far he runs, he knows he will always find his way back to them, and no matter how vast the sea, he will find a way to cross it, even if he has to walk on water. Because they are his home, and when he can’t find his home, then he is truly lost.

“I’m sorry Hyung” Jungkook whispers, softly in Jin’s ear, his voice still slightly shaky.

Jin treasures the moment, locks it away in his memory, as the rain softly patters down, a gentle lullaby, and funnily, it’s like the backing to the end of a movie.

“Hey, Hyung.” Namjoon says. “Wanna know a secret?”

“What?” Jin smiles, looking over Jimin and Taehyung’s head, who have managed to embed themselves under each arm while Hoseok grapples with them, trying to join in the hug, while Yoongi and Jungkook cling onto Jin’s back.

“You’re wearing my jacket.”

That’s why it was so tight.

“Shut up. We’re even now.” Jin laughs, and pulls him back into the hug.

They lay like that, a sprawled heap on the hallway floor, all of them revelling in the warmth that not even the December chill can cool.

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Yes that’s a Miggy Smallz mashup! Though I’m partial to this one of his

I mean Jooheon, Changkyun, Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun and Yoongi rapping back to back is beautiful


Sameeeeeee that song is going to be my summer song lol!


Here is the description of my new book:
A little girl is born to Kim Namjoon and his wife Jiji, her older brother is Min Yoongi, Kim Seok-Jin and Jung Hoseok are her uncles, Park Jimin and Kim Taehyung are her cousins and last but not least Jungkook is her best friend that is only 10 days older than her! (Jimin is adopted by Jin and Tae is adopted by Hoseok. All four live in the same house but Hoseok has a girlfriend and Jin is gay.)


I like the idea @Em-kookie and my three bias in it, so its perfect if you publish your story I’ll read it
^ - ^


Maybe I love them. This shoot is the cutest thing. Also Hobi’s shirt says Mermanent and that’s beautiful.




Who is your bias?


Anybody on still?


I published the first chapter guys!!


I hope you guys will like it!




do you want to hear about my fanfic?


I can’t blame him, I think most S.M. artists want to leave that god-awful company that treats them like objects.


In which group? Haha

BTS: Jimin, with Hobi and Yoongi close seconds
MonstaX: Changkyun
EXO: Sehun
Got7: Yugyeom
Astro: Moonbin :heart::heart::heart:


Yeah I do!