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this is the official blurb:
Y/n is going to be queen. There are only a few things in her way, a few major things.

Y/n is a simple girl, always has been. Namjoon, the crown prince, has picked her to be his wife. After she is picked strange events start occurring around her, and someone has dropped dead. The people of Vaydia think her unworthy to the crown. She, with the help of Namjoon, need to prove that she is the simple, normal girl he fell in love with.

tell me if you’d be interested


BTS: Jimin, Jungkook and Yoongi
Astro: Moonbin and JinJin
almost the same finally XD


Oh and I forgot

Seven O’Clock: Hangyeom
WayV: Lucas
Nct: Mark
Stray Kids: Felix and Chan


Guys, someone called me a try-hard today so tomorrow I’m gonna sing bepsae to her


OMG I thought I was the only one to love Stray Kids XD


i love stray kids and my bias is Felix


Oh here are my biases:
BTS: Jungkook
Txt: Taehyun
Astro: Rocky
Got7: Mark or Bambam
Monsta X: Wonho
Blackpink : Lisa
I don’t really have a bias in EXO


Yeah 95% of my bias list raps. Oh and I forgot one again!

Txt: Soobin, with Yeonjun close second.


I love Lisa!


Exo is hard because for me I love all of them. But Sehun wins closely followed by Chanyeol, Baek, and Xiu


Blackpink for me is Rose and Jisoo


Oh wait for EXO Baek is actually my bias


I listen to stray kids but I don’t know who my bias is!


Honestly tho


Stray kids: Felix and I.N is so cute!!!




Wow, it’s busy over here!


Yes is true but just fan of Kpop so is really cool XD


duh, I’m awesome! Dramatically hair flips Jk


I want to make a new FF on my account What someone has a group prefer to suggest me?