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I do not do it but I know how it works “little”


Lol its okay


guess what?


it’s bedtime


Hurt%20Wonho orange%20wonho
Blessing you with my Wonho Baby


Lol okay goodnight


you can’t earn them, you have to buy them :confused:


Coins have to be purchased through the mobile app.


Does anyone know when a good time to enter a contest is? I’m getting waayyyyyyy too ahead of myself seeing as I only have 6 chapters but I have so many ideas for this book and feel like it will be something worth reading :sweat_smile:


Personally, I would only feel comfortable entering a story into a contest when it’s finished, or at least close enough to finished that you know exactly will happen until the end. That way, everything’s okay if you decide to change the story a lot.


That’s a good point! Ugh I know, everyone keeps telling me just to be patient :joy: I just wish there was something where I can take all of the ideas in my head and just put them easily on paper and it just magically filled in all the gaps and build up :stuck_out_tongue: but then it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding as me struggling lol


I feel exactly the same way! I have so many ideas but I just don’t have all the time in the world to type them out. I’ve always wished there were some way I could just put these ideas into a machine and BAM there’s the story.


It’s so nice to find someone to relate to! :smiley: lmao You feel my commitment huh? XD


EXACTLY it would make life so much simpler :pleading_face: but alas, we must fend for ourselves


YES :pleading_face: I JUST WANNA MAKE UP FOR LOST TIME AND GIVE ALL MY UWUS AND MONEY well not all my money because I have bills BUT OMG :sob: a lot of good people in this fandom make you feel so accepted and welcome no matter what so it doesn’t even bother me that it’s my first comeback, just that I’m here :purple_heart:


It doesn’t bother me at all either! I’M JUST TRYING TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THE YEARS I COULD’VE BEEN HERE :sob::sob: I’m about to make some money and you can just guess where I’m gonna spend it all ^^ (luckily I’m too young to have bills yet but my parents don’t indulge me ANYTHING) Hopefully I’ll be able to find tickets SOMEWHERE even if they’re for a higher price. :’


I will listen to all of your advice and extreme knowledge closely. v.v I swear if I ever met them or went to a fan meeting I could be at peace in my life forevermore. I NEED TO BUY THEIR ALBUMS! Right now I just have every single one of their songs downloaded on my iPod. ^0^


I’m…this is too dang cute.



Yoongi, because I identify with him.
Then Jimin, because he is so beautiful I dont understand his existence.
Then everyone else because who could rank them. They are all babies.


:joy::kissing_heart: do what u gotta do