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How long have you been ARMY?


imo you can enter as soon as you respect the rules, usually they ask for 5 chapters :hugs: of course if you have more it’s better, but contests take a while to get to judging & get the results out, so even if you have 6 chapters you’ll probably have more by the time the contest ends :blush:

btw what’s your Wattpad username? :o I can’t find you :frowning:


Excuse me Taehyung, I’m going to need you to stay in you lane please and thank you


Well, I mean they won’t let him create the music he wants or do the collaborations he wants… They won’t promote his solo work or support him and Chanyeol’s duets…

I can see why he wants to leave. He’s under an extreme creative choke-hold.


wow I need a boyfriend because I have too much THIRST. :weary:


What a clean shave tho.


I wish you so much luck with seeing them :purple_heart: THIS IS GONNA BE AMAZING


Lol not very long :joy: since this is my first comeback… but I became ARMY on Christmas. My grandma got me a love yourself hoodie from amazon that was, first of all, way too small bc I think it was in Asian sizes :joy: and her reason was that she liked the message “love yourself”. She didn’t know the affiliation with the band or anything. So I looked up “love yourself hoodie” to see if I could find one in a bigger size. Then boom.


That’s true, I saw some only requiring five but I was kinda like… “how are they going to grasp my story if it’s only 5 chapters” :joy: Personally do you think it’s more fulfilling to wait when you have more chapters? Like at least to where your plot is driving it a bit?

And my username on wattpad changed recently :joy: it’s @itwasjin to match my twitter and Instagram :crazy_face: I need to follow you! You’ve been so awesome :purple_heart:

Edit (lol): I already do follow you :joy:


You missed the photo where hobi had mang on his lap… *with tata and rj nearby.


It was a false alarm. SM denied it quickly. I just love ot9 so I’d be sad if they split. Especially with Xiumin having to enlist soon.


I saw that one it’s super cute. Also I ran across this and legit choked on my caramel Macchiato earlier:


have you seen photos of his sister?
she’s so pretty~


I have! See what you’ve done to me arrie? You’ve made Moonbin one of my ults hahah. Speaking of which, I realllllyy need to finish the second chapter of my Moonbin fic, and the chapter of my apply fic. I have half of each done >.<


hm… happy jinjin day~

I have mixed feelings for baekpo’s new album.


My husband is sexy ain’t he with his shirt off :joy::joy:


cool, sorry I was at school, this will be my second comeback!


I’m hoooome


followed :heavy_check_mark: :hugs: maybe I should change my user to itwasyoongi :joy::joy::joy:

I think the plot should have started within the first 5 chapters, otherwise lots of people won’t continue reading because the attention span of WP readers is very low (myself included, if I do not like the first chapter of a story I give up :eyes:). But it always depends on how long your chapters are? I’ve been a judge for a few contests on here, and honestly 5 chapters is usually wayyyy more than enough to get a grasp of how strong the story is. When I do critiques I usually do around 2 chapters because the weaknesses in chapter 1 and 2 are the same that are repeated after. Also because it’s surprisingly very long to judge a story and 5 chapters take a while to read, and judges have 5 or 10 stories to do. So they can’t request more from judges because no one would sign up for it :joy: but yeah, 5 chapters imo is enough, if you sign up to judge you’ll see why :stuck_out_tongue:


are they going to post their fanfic?