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I thought it was a story that had already started? :eyes:


Oh it is i’m reading it right now


Thank you :sob::purple_heart: and dude YOU SO SHOULD :joy: but I think i tried itwasyoongi before I had my user as baepsaeyoongi and it was taken :sob: But you’re right, I feel like my story is good enough to read pst the 1st chapter but the structure for the first 7 might be a little tough because I’m making them all kinda little introduction chapters before I really dive into it. I think the info is necessary to see what point in life the characters are in but at the same time, like you said, some people lose attention to a story very fast :joy: so I’m trying to keep them a good length and not PILE information about the characters so I can get on with the good stuff :sunglasses:


your fanfic is soooooooo gooooooooddddd JImin and J-hope are such small children ahhhhhhh, anyways goodnight


'Bout to follow you both. Also where are contests?


Thank you honey, it really does mean a lot :sob::purple_heart: sweet dreams :sparkles:


they’re usually books created by other users that have submission forms and all the details within them. You can most likely search (for instance) “BTS awards” or “BTS contest” and they will pop up :blush:


Wow, first glance at chosen and it looks like a bop. It’s pretty evident right from the jump how much care you put into it.


Thank you so much :sob::purple_heart: it definitely has a special place in my heart and hope to have all my ideas come together and eventually complete it. i personally am in love with your writing style! Entanglement hooked me on the first chapter, your writing is so… :cupid:


Are we… buds now?! Might take me a minute to reply. I’m for real about to read this even though I am procrastinating writing.


We’re definitely buds :pleading_face: honestly joining the community has been so amazing haha I get to meet awesome writers and make awesome friends :purple_heart: and NO don’t let it distract from your writing :sob:

(But honestly same lol I procrastinate like nobody’s business)


I’m headed to bed everyone! Y’all (can u sense my Texan?) have some nice dreams :purple_heart:


Yeah I’m glad I joined the community <3 you guys are great and I can relate to you guys and kpop.


Just peeping out the format of the contests, you and I could honestly just create one. We can submit our own to categories we aren’t judging in. Map of the Soul Awards 2019?


That would be awesome! Maybe we could get @bangtancha in on it too since they have experience with contests xD


what’s happening?


I’ll never turn down experience.
@itwasjin and @bangtancha let me know if you want to use Discord or something to discuss.


hey everyone <3