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Hello everyone! I’ve been in and out of the trailer game for five years now and I’m looking for more trailer requests!

Here is my form


Here are my examples and here is my queue .

Payment consists of a follow and an honest comment on either Celestial or His Lips Were Crimson. You choose whichever one you prefer.

Credit is mandatory if you use the trailer!

Payment must be completed after I accept you but before I make your trailer. Do not complete payment until after I accept you please!

I don’t have any rules. As long as you complete the payment, be nice and fill out the form, this should be a pretty easy process!

Thank you!


b u m p i t y

Hi, I’d love it if you made a trailer. But it’s okay if you can’t!

*Choose One: Regular Teaser

*Title: Atomic

*Author: Gracie Hallow

Text in Trailer: “New Kingsbury, Montana: Birthplace of Heroes.”
“But with heroes comes a villain.”
“But they’re not who Mira thinks they are.”
“Four words will change her life forever.”
“They’re lying to you.”
“Atomic, Fall 2019”

-Mira- with a Summer Glau, Elizabeth Olsen, Ellen Page, or Kelli Berglund faceclaim
-Heretic- Emma Dumont
-Verity- I don’t know, but an East Asian fancast would be nice.

Music Ideas: “Control” by Halsey, “The Chain” by Fleetwood Mac, or “Running on Empty” by Jackson Browne

Clip Links: IDK

Clips Ideas:

  • “They’re lying to you” should feature a close-up of Verity.
  • Lots of action if possible
  • A futuristic looking city maybe over the part of New Kingsbury?

*Mood/Genre: Action/Thriller

Anything Else (link to story & specifics):
-The MC, Mira, is a speedster, although she develops other powers later

Thank you!

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@AmazingGraceless Accepted! Please complete my payment! One question! Is Verity a female? Also, do you want me to picture any other males or is it a mostly female cast? I know it’s a weird question but I want to make sure before I create it!

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Verity is female.

There are two male characters I’d like for you to feature please. One is called. Ryder, I fancast him as looking like Nick Robinson, he’s a male hero, and so is Warlock, who I envision being played by Dane Dehaan.

EDIT: I finished your payment, and thank you for the trailer!

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b o p b o p b o p

@AmazingGraceless here is your trailer! if you end up using it, please credit me. thank you!

Thank you so much! I just added and credited you, I absolutely love the trailer. You put a lot of work into it and I think it’s just perfect!

Since I love your work!
Choose One: Regular Trailer

*Title: The Daughters of Fire and Rain

*Author: Gracie Hallow

Text in Trailer:
1.October 17, 2019
2. Three girls share a birthday
3. But they will come to share so much more
4. Five princesses
5. Three Books
6. One Throne
7. Break the Dragon King’s curse
8. The Daughters of Fire and Rain

Elodie- Naomi Scott
Aideen- Britt Robertson
Kira- Adelaide Kane
Galileo- Tom Holland
(The following two are optional as they are Part 2 spoiler characters but will be there for 2/3 of the book so. . . )
Sabrina- Luca Hollestelle
Lorelei- Bel Powley

Music Ideas:
Fire and Gold by Bea Miller
Castle by Halsey
Something Wild by Lindsey Stirling

Clip Links: Once again, I am an ignoramos and would like to also give you some creative freedom

Clips Ideas:
*The five princesses could have some quick clips of all five princesses (if you want to include them)
*A dragon should show at the dragon-king’s curse
*And Elodie, Aideen, and Kira should appear at the three girls part

*Mood/Genre: YA Fantasy

Anything Else (link to story & specifics): Other than that, have fun! I included the link in the story title. Thank you so much, and I look forward to seeing your work! Gonna go review Celestial!

Choose One: Regular

Title: The Sluts Guide To High School

Author: Khan Shifana [ _itz_shifana ]

Text in Trailer: They wore their scar as their best attire, a stunning dress made of hellfire.


  1. Athena Kingston played by Amber Heard.

  2. Silvia Desmond played by Phoebe Tonkin.

  3. Ivory Black played Danielle Campbell.

  4. Lilly Allen played by Emma Watson.

  5. Liam Thomas played by Francisco Lachowski

  6. Eric Adams played by Michael Provost

  7. Noah Roman palyed by Shawn Mendes

Music Ideas: NA

Clip Links: NA

Clips Ideas: NA

Mood/Genre: Sad, Romantic. Teen Fiction.

Anything Else (link to story & specifics): I’ve PMed it. :slight_smile:

@AmazingGraceless Accepted! No need to complete the payment since you’ve already done it!

@_itz_shifana Accepted as well. Please complete the payment!

Thank you once again! I appreciate the hard work you’re doing!

thanks hun!

Hello! I would love to have a trailer if you’re not busy.

*Choose One: Teaser

*Title: Where Eggs Bleed Brimstone

*Author: Dawn Ashes

Text in Trailer:

  1. (Please begin with this on a black screen before any clips.) Why do we kill?
    Clips suggestions: a hand trying to slam a head against a rock then the scene shifts to a bloody rock and/or bloody hands without actually showing the crash
  2. How did a virtuous, pious village girl
    Clips suggestions: (time period: medieval) the innocent-looking MC as a under-12-year-old young girl praying and being nice to others
  3. turn into a selfish, cruel serial killer?
    Clips suggestions: (time period: early 20th century, pre-WWI) a woman’s hands trying to choke someone, blood splatters on sand (desert), blood splatters on walls, a bloody rock in the desert, anything that reminds one of murder without actually showing the bodies. I just want to keep the teaser PG-13 lol.
  4. This is a story
  5. across centuries
    Clips suggestions: late Renaissance prosper city (bonus if you can include a glass maker), Caucasian natives’ village, early 20th century city
  6. across a kingdom
    Clips suggestions: jungle, desert, medieval-looking poor village, prosper early 20th century capital, early 20th century ballroom, desert belly dancers
  7. across a lifetime
    Clips suggestions: (time period: early 20th century, pre-WWI) the MC hugging her sister, the MC (a child dressed in medieval fashion) meeting with the Prince (dressed in early 20th century), the MC (a teenager/young woman) dancing with the Prince (early 20th century), the MC being emotional (crying or screaming with blood on hands)
    (EDIT: adding the texts below)
  8. This is a story about
  9. Where Eggs Bleed Brimstone
  10. (something like “A Wattpad novel written by Dawn Ashes” and “Free to read on Wattpad”. Whatever you usually do.)

MC: the only requirement is that she is blue-eyed
the Prince: anyone handsome who has a bright grin and is dressed like a prince
MC’s sister: someone who looks like the MC (same hair or eye color)

Music Ideas: anything you find suitable

Clip Links: see Text in Trailer

Clips Ideas: see Text in Trailer
Suggestions: GoT has some good medieval clips. Victoria and Downtown Abbey have around-early-20th-century clips.

*Mood/Genre: The genre is satire. The mood is serious, but not dark. Not sure how to describe it… Maybe something like a Game of Throne trailer with adventure and mystery/thriller feels.

Anything Else (link to story & specifics):
Link to story:

OK, it’s a bit detailed and the clips are rather diverse. You don’t have to include all the suggestions in the Text in Trailer. (They’re suggestions.) Feel free to contact me if anything.

@dawnashes Accepted! Please complete my payment

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Choose One: Regular Character ship Promo

Title: Outside Marriage

Author: Treasure Ikpea

Text in trailer: "You two are expected to get married in a week"
"Everything is great until reality sets in"
"Love is pointless so don’t do it"
"I don’t love you"
"This is just a marriage for the outside people"

Cast/ Character:

  1. Omereta - Diana Rose Jackson
  2. Lucky Blue Smith - Hunter Chace Kirby

Music Ideas - ‘One More Night’ by Maroon 5 and ‘I Found’ by Amber Run

Clip links:
Damon comforts Elena
Blair tells chuck that she loves him
Christian Confesses to Ana

Clip Ideas:

  • At the beginning of the video it should be happy and the song should be One more Night and when it gets sadder use I Found

  • When it starts to get sadder please use the Damon comforts Elena clip

  • It should have some sort humor at the start

  • When it’s in the happy mood use the Christian Confesses to Anna clip, please

  • Towards the end of the clip please use the Blair tells Chuck that she loves him as the very last scene shown

Mood/Genre: Happy and Romance

Anything Else (link to story & specifics):

  • Outisde Marriage
  • If you don’t see that much clips of the main characters you can use any other people, it doesn’t really have to be specific

Please, I would love for you to make this trailer for me and you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, no pressure but thank you!

@Africanbeauty13 Is there another person you’d want for the girl? I can’t seem to find who you’ve casted. Also, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do two songs together and make it sound good. Sometimes they clash :confused:

Payment completed! Thank you so much for accepting my request :heart:

You can use any girl it’s okay, I just want two opposite sex characters that’s all and for the music you can just use I found throughout the video, I hope I am not asking for too much