Art thread (also testing image posting)


So, I wanted to test out the image posting on here and thought; why not make a post about art? Specifically, our own! There’s a bunch of super talented artists on Wattpad and I know some of them made it over here too! So share!

What kind of art do you do? What’s your medium? Self-taught or ‘educated’?

I’ll kick it off, because why not. I’m currently in my third year of art school (going into my fourth and final year) While I study fine art photography, I do dabble about in other mediums like digital illustrations with Photoshop CS6 and a Wacom Intious drawing tablet.

Anyways, here we go.



i love your art


(In case you hadn’t seen it yet, max width is 690px and max height is 3000px! Anything over either of those will be resized automatically!)


Yeah I realised, hah. Was good to try it out though!

@phvcyv Thank you! Do you do other art forms than writing? :smile:


graphic design- ish and i haven’t drawn it months it breaks ma heart :broken_heart:


Just gotta get back into it! Book covers has been my motivation for a good while now :smile:


my tablet died so ;u;


Oh bugger :confused:


If you’re looking for a new tablet I could suggest the one I have? My mom gave it to me for my birthday ( back in December) and I absolutely love it! It comes with about ten replacement nibs too so you don’t have to purchase any replacement ones. I believe it was around $40-50 ?


@AWFrasier Ooh, I love how the black on the wings fades to grey with each pair.

I do a lot of digital art but also love playing with watercolors on the side. Self-taught in Painter, Photoshop, and juuust now dipping my toes into Illustrator. At this point, I’ve kinda gotten sucked into working as a book cover artist more than anything else. When I’ve got time to do art for myself, I love painting simple studies like this one: