lmaoooo I see both of us have a problem drawing hands without a ref


I mean I’m not the best at hands, but in my defense these sketches aren’t exactly representative of me trying either. :joy:
I tend to kinda just render till they look alright, and unless we’re talking about fists that actually tends to work out pretty well.


On my way to finishing a project and figured i’d do the before & after. A cheeky confidence booster. Incredible how far you can go in a few years. (Apologies in advance, I don’t know how to resize pics on here)

3 years ago

2 years ago

Today’s effort


That’s quite an improvement! Bravo to you! :clap:


Did some art and writing.


Looks lovely! :heart:


Couldn’t get a good angle for the whole pic, so here’s a close up portrait of what I did instead. I just made this a few days ago and got busy so I didn’t have the chance to share 'til now!





My favourite characters from the MCU. It was about time i decided to draw them


Here’s some recent art of mine. The characters aren’t my own, but the artwork is from my character art thread


Okay, fellow artists I tried my hand at creating something digital (or more like digitizing a drawing I did by hand before) and this is how it turned out.

Not my character, simply a fanart.


A cute little Deku <3 <3 <3

Here’s one I did of my boy a little while ago; I’m trying out a new style of lineart with more natural color instead of pure black


So cool! I love the soft look it has


Thank you!!! lol it’s the colored version of the one I used as a reference from when you drew him!


Ah yes! I remember it!


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He’s the cutest^^

I really like how soft the image looks. Kind of interesting to think that simply changing the outline colour can make a huge difference.


Thank you!! Yeah, it was my first time experimenting with that, and I’m happy it got that soft effect I was going for!


One day I’m going to remember to clean up my lineart in advance.