Article 11 and 13 in Europe


So I think I saw this a while ago on the site of the silliest political party in my country, but I didn’t believe it. I mean, why would the EU try to shut down the internet? They’re smarter than that… right?

Well, apparently not.

Does anyone know more about this? I’m still too young to vote, but I can convince my parents and sister

A petition to stop this:


There’s more to it than just “shutting down the internet” - and it’s super subjective what it’s actually going to do. Some say it’s banning memes, others say that’s misinformation.




Atm no one knows.
I think even the people that are responsable for it actually don’t know what they are doing.

A funny video:


This is super helpful to me. Hopefully they won’t allow this law. No offense but does it help creators? Wouldn’t they lose fans and money? This is why if it passes I feel it would go down for them


Tbh, it’s hard to find unbiased sources on this. I still haven’t been able to find the actual proposal of the law so I could see for myself what is going on.


The irony of the Article 13 situation is that they would have to regulate what is happening in EU and everywhere else.
Like, how are they going to truly do that?


Honestly, it has to do with setting stricter copyright infringement rules. Like, where you can’t share something that isn’t yours without permission from the creator, even if it’s a meme that circulated years ago.

Technically, we are supposed to assume everything is protected by a copyright notice unless it’s stated otherwise… So memes are kind of like meh, even though we know they aren’t copywritten But still.


Yes, I read a lot of rehashings - but still haven’t been able to read the actual proposal itself. That’s my issue. A lot of articles will just tell me “It’s about copyright and it’ll hurt creators and viewers!”

Okay, but show me the proposal though? :joy:


Agreed. I feel like they are just bullshitting or keeping the proposal on the hush-hush, if it even exists!


And everyone is jumping on a bandwagon started by… Who? Who has read the proposal? Where are the sources? I want credible sources! :clap:


Same. Same. Oopth. I feel like they originally started it after the whole Net Neutrality thing (even though we knew the backlash on that) but then got so much shit they just dropped it to keep it on the low.
I know I saw fairly credible sources of it during the first week of people blowing up about it, but I haven’t seen anything since.

Honestly though, after seeing the whole N.N. shit, why would anyone else be so stupid to try something fairly similar?


They already tried it with SOPA, PIPA and ACTA some years ago. This is unfortunately nothing new :frowning:


How moronic can people get, thinking they are charismatic enough for people to just not want their (mostly) free internet usage? Lol


I made another thread about this before if anyone’s curious to see what was discussed there:


Honestly, no fucking clue.

I’m still not sure I fully know what Article 11 and Article 13 are about - since I also heard there was a proposal inside of those that demands people don’t make up facts without having the data to back up those facts.

Especially when it comes to immigration there’s been tons of misinformation, and one of those articles is supposed to slam down on it, making it illegal to state shit without sources.

But I can’t find the proposals so I don’t know if it’s true or not :frowning:


Oh, I wish that was an actual thing. It’s supposed to be, though. As making up facts can be part of slander and/or false advertising.


Yeah exactly. Not to mention, it’s perfect for fear mongering. Especially over here in Europe with the refugee crises and stuff.



Oopth, what kind of world do I exist in?


I know right? I bet this will known as the “fake news era” :joy: