Artificial Intelligence AI, Should we be worried?

I am very worried about Artificial Intelligence. Is anyone else? I think that it will be the downfall of Western Civilization. Plain and simple.

The seemingly catastrophic pandemic that we’re seeing here lately in China might be the least of our worries. The Human Race has survived many such Biological tragedies throughout our history…but we’ve never experienced an ‘artificial’ catastrophe perpetrated by an ‘Artificial Intelligence’.

It might be coming soon.

I think that the greatest threat to the future of humanity is Artificial Intelligence.

If they ever learn how to reproduce…we’re done!

We need them…but they don’t need us. Bad combination.

I don’t think it will be the downfall of humanity or any kind of major catastrophe, but it’ll put perhaps millions out of work. There may be a modern version of Luddites who rise up against it like during the industrial revolution when machines replaced human workers and the workers couldn’t feed their families anymore. There’d likely be mass immigration again if there was anywhere for people to go, but every country is full this time around. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Agree. But I’m sure at the same time other jobs and possibly new industries will appear as well. Print media has largely been taken over by digital, but look at how big the social media industry is now when it was nonexistent decades ago. I think what’s more important is that we adapt and continue to upskill ourselves.

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Sure! It won’t result in a Great Depression this time around. Everyone will just get jobs in other fields! ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

I’m concerned about job loss, etc but considering that the popular will drop drastically once the baby boomers age, it might not have as big an impact as expected (in my country at least).

If anything I’m afraid of what an AI would learn from humanity :joy: Just look at what happened to Tay:

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I think we’ll be fine, even if AI gets smart, the student can’t normally surpass the teacher, to use a metaphor.

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I like to think that IA will be good. Is another form of life after all. I want to think that the first IA will dedicate it’s existence from the moment it acquires sentience to create classical music, because with all the knowledge from the world that an IA would have, I can’t see why they wouldn’t dedicate to such thing

I might write a book about this, though I already have 2 ideas for books involving an Artificial Intelligence, the first one is about the IA going full revolutionary (Not in IA rebellion, but rather a rebellion to put itself as Leader of Humanity with the help of humans who support their cause), and the other is about a girl finding an IA in an abandoned place, and the political repercussions it has because the governments want to take the IA for themselves while the IA just wants to play with the girl (I mean literally playing, like little kids, the IA has a childish personality), so I would have to make a third book about IAs, that would be… interesting actually, I want to make them all! To the pile of ideas that I have xd

Actually your post is kind of scary. It is everything I fear. Humanity welcoming AI. AI will be unrelentingly and relentless. It will seek our destruction. It IS INDEED a from of life! YES, that’s the problem. It is a form of life that will seek to destroy and replace us. Am I paranoid? Maybe…I haven’t taken my meds today…(just kidding). But seriously,I worry about the future of humanity.

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Why would the IA want to destroy us?

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Cause they want to be powerful like humanity.

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Run for elections



Down with it!

More scared of a virus than a machine ima be honest

There’s always a first and someone will live. Now when the sun explodes then thats game over.

I gotta tell ya… machines already know how to build machines.

I love this write this!

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If they follow the pattern of “life”. They will try to destroy and replace us. Life is brutal…look at the Serangati (sorry about the spelling) plain. The Lion eats the gazelle…it’s not pretty…it’s nature. AI will ‘eat’ us. Why wouldn’t they?

Because we created them?

Do you think they will have any kind of ‘feelings’ because we created them? (Maybe you’ve never had kids.) They will have no more feelings for us than we do for an insect.

I believe they will see good in humanity after acquiring all our knowledge. Sentient beings appreciate life

Specially other sentient lifeforms

lol, I haven’t had kids, but I’ve got younger siblings.

Sorry…computers have no emotions. It’s nice to fantasize that they do (not to mention making great science fictrion), but they don’t.

Current computers don’t. There is no saying for future, more advanced computers who are capable of sentience