Hello I’m a fellow artist here. Before I joined wattpad I resided a lot on DA (deviantart) and also tumblr (not really a good place to post art though but I do anyway) I specialize mostly doing character designs (also not so great on backgrounds but I’m working on that). I am actually more of an artist than a writer but I do art for stories and write for my stories. Its a hard balance. I’m eithrer drawing a lot or writing a lot no in between/. Right now I have a bunch of artistic projects hanging around going unfinished because I jump between projects when I’m not writing.


Depends on what you consider art. Charcoal shading.


i love your style and this piece so much! it looks so dreamy yet slightly creepy, not in a bad way though. its awesome, thank you for sharing


Merci beaucoup pour la complemente.




I do photorealism. (images stretched weird)

WIP FanArt for the Hulu show Harlots:

(dang I need to fix the shading on Isabella’s cheek…)

Original stuff: