Artist Please?



I probably should have prepared all the descriptions before-hand :cold_sweat:


How’s this?


Yeah this is great and super close, I’ve almost got the hang of this.

So, the eyes would be lower set, as in, his forehead would take up a larger portion of his face.

Is it just me or do the Wattpad DMs kinda suck because they’re upside down?


They do. You’re free to post the character descriptions on here if it’s easier


Yeah I’ll do that. As a matter of fact, I will start listing them on the first post.


I’ll add more description whenever I get the chance.


By the way it’s not the kind of Jacket that’s in my picture, it would be the kind you casually wear over clothes.

Like… this without the sleeves. Without those massive pockets too lol, there are pockets but it’s a lot more moderate.




Nice, I’ll take it!


Glad you like it!


Hold on though, aren’t you gonna move down his ears too?

For that horizontal line from the eyes meeting the top of the ears thing.


What should I change?


I can do if its really bothering you, but changing line work takes quite a lot of time


Oh, dw at all then!

As for Nennabethe. Shorter face, larger and slightly wider forehead as well.

As for her hair, when I said really long :sweat_smile: I mean really really long, the braid would be thicker and it would be behind her because she has lots of hair like Tair who you showed in that picture before.

With the larger forehead would come longer bangs to make up for the new space.

I like the kimono especially coz that’s how the flowers looked in my head lol



Yass! :blush: Could you make her smile, if it wouldn’t be much trouble.

I think she’ll look more like herself with a smile.



It’s a lighter kind of like… slightly dark honey color for the skin.

Sorry about the bad description.


How’s this?


Yeah that’s right! :+1: I would get the next one out but I’m on my tablet and it’s near impossible to type.right.