Artist Please?



@HEEdwards I added two more descriptions.


What are the two kids wearing?


Oh I forgot them? Damn.

Logan is wearing a vest over a white shirt to keep him warm.

Mickel is wearing a sweater.

You can decide color and stuff.



Think you can make him look a bit younger? I imagine a shorter face would make him look young enough.


How’s this?


Yes Indeed :+1: I’ll take it.




Hello! Thank you for the reminder


Still kicking?


Yeah. I’m on holiday for a week though. By the way, could you do a couple more character descriptions


Yh I’ll toss them in as soon as i can




I don’t know if my art style is anime enough for you. However, I used to be a doujin artist(whoops, I exposed my sins!)


I don’t know how payments are going to work :thinking: I’ll see what I can do, but I wan to see first if you are interested!