Asexual Awareness!


I think they’re interesting, I just don’t get to play them often.


honestly I don’t have much time for them usually, but today I have some free time


That’s good you’re able to chill out for a bit today then. :slight_smile:


Did this chat die? I hope not


I won’t let it!!

let’s do some asexual necromancy or something


My head ache. I just read the whole thread :sweat_smile:


Whoa you read the entire thing? That’s a lot of reading, but hopefully you learned something new :grinning:


I sure did and all of you were so kind and understanding all the way… goals :laughing:


Greetings, anyone here?


Hi! I’m here.


I’m here too!!!

Also, recently finished a great book. It’s a teen fiction, which I normally would never touch, but focuses on an asexual girl coming to terms with her sexuality and what it means for her life and relationships. It’s really feel-goodsy and sweet, and worth a read if you want something light, happy, and full of asexual and other LGBTQ+ rep✔-wattys2018

Also it’s set in the 90s and the nostalgia is real


the comment im replying to is super old so sorry sksksk

im not asexual, but i did the same thing before i realized i liked girls. it still happens every so often, most recently with the person i’d call my best friend. luckily i figured it out before it could get too bad with him. the moment i figured out that i was forcing this crush was honestly really soothing for me.

k thats all let me leave this thread now


Anybody in the Ace Space today? I meant is anyone here in the chat today, if that wasn’t clear


I’m always in the Ace Space :sunglasses:


Heck yeah mood


TBH tho the ace space is a good space


hey people~ what’s happening


Nothing much! I think we’re just aimlessly chatting right now


Works for me!
I wanted to ask, any tips on dating in college/elsewhere? I really want to, but I keep imagining worst case scenarios and I always end up bailing last minute


I’d say just go for it, because looking back on things you didn’t do sucks. I’d also suggest being upfront about your sexuality, because it does have a big impact on whether you and another person would be compatible partners. Oh, and don’t give up! A lot of people get sad and lonely, but I’m very convinced that all nice people have at least one person out there who will just fall head over heels in love with them. Finding that person might take a while, but they’re out there!

One more thing about dating; stay safe and trust your instincts. If someone feels like a creep, they probably are and there’s no shame in getting the heck out of there.