Ask me stuff and I'll answer... with DOODLES!!!


Since I’m on my tablet right now, I figured why not. :blush:

P.S. I’ll do my best to make the doodles look pretty, but no promises, lol.


What’s your favorite comic and am I your favorite sister? Looking cute


Uhhhh, I can’t choose… but since I made this days before and wanted a chance to use it, I’ll say one of my favs is Tokyo Ghoul. Ghoul%20eye
And you’re my ONLY sister!! What kind of a question…? :rofl:


Still want to hear a yes :smirk:

Now draw me please

Can you draw me please but anything easy?


Sometimes, lol. And that is not a question. (and I can refuse if I can’t/won’t/don’t want to answer/doodle. :b


Boo! Then… Look at my edit


Meh, I tried. You know I’m not good with realism and stuff like that…OTL


It’s ok. Still cool!

Among your stories which is the fun one to write?


Can I ask a question?


@Angelic_Vamp Hmm, that’s a good question. They’re all fun (and exhausting, lol) to write, so-Idk

@SummahRocks Go ahead! :slight_smile:


I know green is your number 1 color but can you make a noun with your three fav colors or just green


I don’t know what you’re asking me, and also- I’m in the other room, you can just ask me directly, lol.


Favorite book genre?


Favorite book character?


Do you like music?


I mean like make a person or animal or monster but color green ~3~


I’m not on my tablet right now, so I’ll edit my doodle in later. But for my answer, it’s fanfiction.


Why is fanfiction your favorite?


@Lumi Because they give me plots that the original show/movie/books can’t give me! XD But my second would probably be fantasy I guess (but like every thing, it’s hard for me to pick my favorites). 1526787334747

@SummahRocks Minho from Maze Runner. :smiley: 1526874271426

@Calmwolf 1000% yes. :hearts::hearts::hearts: Qqq

@Angelic_Vamp Uh, I won’t make the doodles in color, sorry.


What’s your favorite book series?