Ask me things about the new fourms.


The main thread, please post all your questions here and not in the other thread

Why did you create a new forum instead of fixing Wattpad's underlying infrastructure issues?

About The New Forums System


What will happen to the old thread system? Will all my threads get deleted?

Why a new forum system?

TLDR; the internet has changed how it codes things and the thread system is outdated and broken





Do you know if there’s a FAQ page?


Also, is it okay to start posting graphic threads and competition here? o.o idk, im just curious af over this site rn lmao


Not atm, but if you ask, we shall answer! (or try our best to! xD)

Rn this is just beta, so you may not have much of an active audience. We’re just looking for feedback, what people like, what they don’t like, what can be improved, etc.

You can create graphic threads and you can state what works, what doesn’t work, what’s feasible, what’s not, etc :smile:

@letterbyowl sorry if I messed your thread up! If you want, you can answer and I’ll remove my comment!


oh man i didnt know the URL changed. if we wanted to, we could make this the newbie FAQ thread and just delete the other comments to kep the thread clean?

eevee's guide to the beta forums

Where do we provide feedback? c:


Hello! You can provide feedback in the ‘Site Feedback’ that you can find HERE