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What are some good asylum stories that you’ve read?


The Wayward Asylum for Victorian Girls

Girl, Interrupted


Rowan The Strange

The Last Time I Wore A dress

I never promised you a Rose garden


Are these published books or are they from Wattpad?


All are published. On wattpad, they asylums stories are good but limited. There was this one Wattpad story named Evelyn’s Lesson In Recovery. I loved it until the author randomly abandoned her account in 2016


Fallen as in the published book Fallen?


Yes. That’s the book.


Did you mean this Fallen ?


Yes. Though not technically placed in an asylum.


@Lilly_B_L This is my favorite asylum story on Wattpad



Ooh, I’ll check it later~ :smiley:



Would you prefer feet for hands, or hands for feet?


Oh, a tricky one. I guess feet for hands