Ask my Characters random questions.


You guys can ask my characters anything.
Edward Starborn: Gay male, Flirtatious, Reckless, Carefree, Son of a mafia leader.

Tia Gunns: Hetero Female, Reckless, Childish, has great Fashion sense. Sister to Logan.

Logan: Bi Male, Mature, Studious, Intelligent, Creative, Sometimes acts like a robot.

Holly And Leo Adams: Twin, Leo is a hetero male and Holly is a pan female. Leo is a peaceful and funny guy who is in love with old video games. Holly is a loud, overreacting best friend who would kill for a time machine to the '80s.

Nova Eamons: Asexual female who is the mom of the group, always keeping the others out of trouble with Logan. She provides support when someone is down.

Now you can anything, to any of my Characters!


Leo, what is your favorite old fashioned video game ever?


Leo- “ Favorite old fashion ? Dude it has to be from the NES, Ah always love a good Punch out game.”


When someone says disney villain what’s the first thing that comes to mind?


Logan:”What Tia dressed up as for Halloween…every .single.year”
Tia: “My favorite thing to watch , I hate heroes but adore Villains “
Edward: “What I feel like at school, I mean they are just judged by a single action.”
Holly: “Disney Villians? Sorry Leo only watches marvel at our house”
Leo:” my childhood! I would sneak Disney movie nights with Nova and Logan as kids.”
Nova: “ A person who hasn’t seen the right side of life.”
(Edward:” Wise words Nov”)


Would you rather be in the world of Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney or Scooby Doo?


Logan and Nova: “Ace attorney,because why spend time in a child’s show.”

Rest of gang: sings scooby doo theme song


Would you rather be trapped in the Spice World Movie or get kidnapped by Gannon?


Nova & Holly : “Spice world, we do not want to be trapped with some creepy game character.”
Logan,Tia, Leo: “Gannon! Because Video games rule!”
Edward: “Yeah if Logan’s kidnapped, I’ll be his link~” (Logan:“Shut up or no cuddles”) “Shit…”


Aw how sweet. He he


Logan:” god you think that’s cute? You should see Edward with bed head.”
(Edward :” SHUT UP!”)


Would you rather be in Paw patrol or Wild kratts?


They all stare at the camera before Leo was lifted up with a sign that read ‘Wild Kratts’.


If someone was able to restrain you, would you rather be blindfolded or gagged or would it depend on the person restraining you?


Logan:” depends”
Edward:”Anything Logan’s does to me ill be fine~”(Logan:”god no”)
Tia:” Neither! I would never have Leo do anything like that to me!”
Leo:” Yeah what she said”
Holly :”Well heh Blindfold…maybe…”
Nova:” I’m asexual I don’t do Blindfolds or gagging”.


I didn’t mean it like that! I’m sorry!


Nova:“It’s fine, people sometimes assume i’m a dude or that I am a huge sports fan so this kind of thing doesn’t bother me as much now.”


Would you rather trade places with Link from Breath of the Wild or Shovel Knight?


Leo, Holly,and Edward run out dressed as Link while Logan, Nova and Tia are dressed as Zelda.
(Answer Breath of the Wild)


That’s neat! Although I assume nobody wants to get kidnapped by Gannon, right?