Ask Shino :D


You can ask most anything.


SO is shino really your name :smirk: :


but is lia yours???


nnoooot really but most people call me that soo :hugs:


ohh it’s yOUUUUUU @-gozi- I hope you know you make my life miserable :kissing_heart:


psht i B R I G H T E N your life

" B R I G H T E N "


New Clubs or Old Clubs? Which one do you prefer?


pen name.


new ones mostly.


@Icywolfe I’m afraid I will have to delete your post. Please remember that wattpad is a welcoming community and users should be treating each other with respect at all times. Trolling and inappropriate/offensive language is not allowed on the threads.


Club Ambassador


I know I’m ridiculously late to this, but what is your favorite genre to write?


daizobu! Fantasy!


Uh do you like anime? If so, what is your favorite anime show/movie?


A lot. My main ones right now are Grancrest Senki and Darling in the FranXX, but they’re almost over. :sob:


What is your favorite non-anime movie?


Oh… That’s hard. I can’t think of anything. The new beauty and the beast.


I see. What about anime movie wise? That should be an easy one :wink:


:joy: I don’t do movies often. It has to be a Pokemon one. Uh, Pokemon Black.


I see. That’s all good :wink: What’s your favorite book?