Ask Spicy Anything (๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧



so i think you once had a profile pic of a kid licking a unicorn’s horn

was it venereal?


Nope, just a kid licking candy.


How amazing was Flapjack? ( I absolutely loved the show!)


Why is your user spicy_sweets? Do you like spicy sweets? Because I sure don’t :sweat_smile:


why is your writing so good?


Damn good tbh. Loved that show more than chowder ;;
@DaisyDoesNothing Spicy sweets was derived from my ongoing obsession with gingersnaps. They’re spicy and sweet, and the name was available. xD
@FetchingPenumbra Uhhh, idk? Personally it has some problems I need to fix, but that may be because I have a blast writing.