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I use images in good faith from sites that claim to be free use, but at the same time I have no issues with taking anything down if someone objects. The number of images ‘stolen’ on the internet is immense.


I do draw but I didn’t draw this one owo
I generally don’t create illustration for covers because there is no payment that I can think of that could be equal exchange for the hours I’ll have spend perfecting my art.

I’m just slightly weirded out by how someone like him could be a Wattpad star tbh

Which is one of the reasons why I stopped creating covers on wattpad >~>

Most users here are decent enough to appreciate what you do for them but not everyone, unfortunately.


Hi Ambs,

Further to earlier issue raised, a bit of an update, as Hafferby has still apparently had no further information from T&S.

Hafferby had until 1st of this year been on hiatus from Wattpad for 8 months and knows that since his return he has been in DM contact with only two people and read and commented only on one book, so he knows this is not where any ‘harassment’ occurred. Which leaves the forums.

Searching through his past activity in the forums, I came across this:

In which case… really? Is this serious? This is not in any way a violation of the code of conduct, and furthermore, it was clarified and toned down within minutes.

Ambassadors do not know the reason an account is removed by Wattpad, as we don’t do that. The only way he can get answers is from Staff and only Staff. Is he checking ticket record or is he relying on emails? Here’s a tutorial on checking previous tickets:

He should also see if he got any emails from Wattpad. The reason will be in there as well.

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I am trying to edit a post I made in the fanfiction category and it wont let me add a photo or a link to my story. Is that normal?

Heya. Have a look at the Trust Levels.

As you do not have a level high enough, you are unable to post links or images yet. Once you reach trust level 1, you will be able to share links and images. I also recommend looking through this thread here for further explanations too. :star:

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Cannibalism is illegal in Canada. Wattpad is based in Canada. You can see that law here. Not to mention what Azanthiel has already replied, elaborating on the content rule - as many others have.


Face palm. No, he is not getting any response to his ticket, as I said

It looks like it is the forum post I linked. Which is daft. Are there any moderators here?

What he wants to know is, does this seem like something someone could have their account terminated for?

How do you block someone on Wattpad? Some disturbing stuff has been coming up and been making me extremely uncomfortable and I would like to be able to block and not have to see it anymore :persevere:

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Heya. If you press your icon located in the upper right corner, this should come up, and you need to go into preferences.


From there, you can add users you want to mute, and for how long.

Hope that helps. :star:

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Better watch out for the poop thread then~


Okay so since my last idea is a no go on wattpad

Would it be alowed to write about a world where everyone is a cannibal
The mc would decide to eat animals after years of wondering
Would go about how he navigated it in legal ways aswell as the backlash he receives
And trial/error with recipes
Would be satire

Would that be okay?


Weird thing happened this morning when I opened the app. I got a splash advert for Premium, but I’m already a Premium user. (My subscription doesn’t expire for another 7 months, either.) Do I need to report that as a glitch, because it actually froze my phone for a few seconds and I couldn’t get rid of it to check my notifications?

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T&S have spoken to the user in question and are dealing with them direct. The Ambassadors cannot give you any more information on this issue. Thank you


Except he is not getting any responses from them.

Speaking honestly, do you believe that post is sufficient to have an account toasted?

Look, he can’t get a response and no one is talking to him. Through our own detective work, we surmise it is the linked forum post above that got him canned. I just want an opinion from the ambassadors as to whether it breaks the code of conduct and how. They can advise on that. Because if it wasn’t that post then we are truly at a loss.

And if it was… well, I’m really gonna have to watch my step around here, as is just about everyone I imagine

Hi, I’m working on a research paper for school and would like to ask some editors to fill out a questionnaire. Would it be alright to do so in Industry Insider or should I find another option?

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@Spruce_Goose Happy Birthday! :birthday:


All I can really say is that I’ve talked to Trust and Safety and they’ve noted that they’ve talked to the user in question and they’ve given him information. Staff have more information than Ambassadors so at this point any Ambassador’s opinion is actually not the point, it’s T&S who are giving the answers. If they’ve stated their reply to the user in question, then there may not be much more they can say.

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So you are unwilling to say if the above is against the code of conduct?

That kinda sounds like it isn’t…

Are T&S supposed to give more information than just ‘broke code of conduct’?

He believes this has been done in error and wants to know what recourse he has at this point if T&S refuse to assist. It’s been a fortnight, he’s been here 4 years, you can understand his frustration