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Wenn Ihr lieber auf Deutsch kommunizieren möchtet, in diesem Thread könnt das tun! “Frag die Ambassadors - auf Deutsch!

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Why did you open a new thread @KatherineArlene


We decided to keep these threads at 1250 comments so people aren’t intimidated by trying to read through them. :katherinearlene:


TOO CUTE!!! :heart_eyes:


Ah ok


The minion is adorable. :slight_smile:

All the threads or just the Ambassadors thread?


Just this one (:


How are you Kay?


Does anyone know the dimensions of a background or header for a WP profile?


1920 x 600 should be the number but be caution as app might look different from web’s banner/header


What do you do if you sent in a ticket about a problem a few weeks back and got a response that they’re working on it but since then, it seems to have gotten worse instead of better (though whether it’s the same problem could be argued, I suppose)? Do you send in another ticket or just wait?


Depends what problem you reported? If it’s not better you can try reopen the ticket and say about it in ticket record but first check known issues first (and of course the troubleshoot. I know it doesn’t solve it every time but sometimes it does)


Thank you💖


I reported my completed story not showing as complete when searched. Now two of my stories have the wrong number have chapter parts listed, and I don’t know if that’s connected or not. Other than new stories being delayed when they show up in search and stories not showing up at all, but I don’t see anything about them showing up as wrong being mentioned under known problems. Unless it’s all being grouped under the same thing.

How do I reopen a ticket?


You can just reply directly through your previous ticket in the reply box or if the request is closed for comments, there’ll be an option to create a follow-up ticket.
The option to open a follow-up ticket will be shown under the reply from Wattpad :blush:


Hi. I found a story depicting a romantic relationship between a 13 year old and a 19 year old. Is it against wattpad rules? I don’t know how explicit things get.


Hi! Is there a sex scene between the 13 years old and 19 years old? If yes, then according to:
It’s not allowed.
If it’s banned, don’t hesitate to report the story to Wattpad :blush:


I have a question because I never considered it until, well now, and I’m helpful that someone among here can answer it.

Does violence(ish) in a story require it to be mature? (poor example is, uh, my story.) There certain scenes that I don’t personal think could trigger someone towards either sucided or self-harm but I do mention stuff like getting shot with a gun (twice) and possible jumping from a highbuilding (with a rope that is only mentioned like 5 paragraphs later).

I don’t go into great detail about it (well I mean, I mention blood does that count?).

Anyways I just thought it would be safer to ask as I just looked at the, uh, guidelines and didn’t feel too sure about my story rating anymore.