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my pictures dont want to upload anymore. Idk why?


How big are the pictures?
I mean the size (MB)




I think that is bigger than you are able to upload.
Try to make the size(MB) smaller and then upload it again


what is the max?


Idk. Couldn’t find an info about it yet.

Make a screenshot of the picture. It should be then 300kb (at least that is the size my screenshots usually have)


So just tested it and I didn’t have any problems with uploading a picture with a size of 4,56 Mb.

So that is not the reason for your problem.
What browser are you currently using?


Is it possible to make a thread then have it sunk?
Like it won’t appear on the latest list?

For example, I want to make a thread where I can practice my coding & store gifs there but I don’t want it to constantly show up on the latest list.

Or is that against the guidelines?


Thread Hiding Service

Just ask there to get your thread hidden.


Ooo Thank you!!!


no problem




Mm me podrian decir como hacer para publicar mi historia en un tema?



Puede crear un tema haciendo clic en el + nuevo tema que se puede encontrar en la parte superior derecha. A partir de ahí, por favor llene la información necesaria como el título y el Club que desea publicar su tema.

Si vas a anunciar tu historia, te sugeriría que la publiques en el Club (#share-your-story) compartir tu historia y si estás buscando algunos servicios como, en busca de retroalimentación, no dudes en mirar #critiques-y-feedbacks sección. (#story-services:critiques-and-feedback)

Espero que ayude. :smiley: :hearts:


Si, gracias


I have a weird question. Is there a time limit to drafts and how long they can stay in drafts before they get deleted?

I ask this because I have some stories I know I want to start when I finish my current ones, but I just want to make sure these unpublished stories aren’t deleted at some point or I have time to get them published before then.


Drafts stay drafts for as long as you have them as drafts :sunflower: i’ve had stories sitting as drafts for years, and they’ve never disappeared :xkaydotx:


Thank you so much. :blush:


Could someone please close my thread?


Done :xkaydotx: