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Thank you very much


@xkaydotx hi good day! Can i ask if the tag Hotlist is different from What’s Hot? Thanks! :grin::grin::grin:


I think, I just screwed up my email notifications in settings. I unsubscribed to emails, and now nothing is showing up on the site. I’ve been to settings and clicked save, but it doesn’t work,


What’s hot as in the home page?


Yes, i guess.


Then it should be yes. Usually home page is based on what you search but I have to ask :joy:


Hey there :slight_smile:

You can read this article for more info-


Why do I have limited number of replies to post per day considering that I am a wattpad member since 2014!!! And how many are those replies? and do they ever increase? because honestly it’s quite annoying



Welcome to the clubs.
I think this was due to you being not trust level basic user.
(More information you can find here: ‘Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work’ )

Everyone even the people that are on wattpad for more than six years had to start with TL0 as this system is made by discourse and not by wattpad.

Now you should have no problems and no limits.
If you have any more questions just read the “official” guide
A guide to the new threads
or ask here



Not be seem rude, I feel a bit wronged by your decisions and think you’re being too tyrannical.

A while ago you closed a thread because there was explicit content on it. Now I agree that this isn’t a place for this kind of talk, sure, but that doesn’t mean you’ll just barge in and close a thread. In addition to that, the thread was hosted by a different person who didn’t indulge in such talks.


I believe this is a false accusation. The last two times were on different threads, previous versions. I don’t think previous versions of threads count as the same threads.

I don’t think by locking a thread you’ll somehow prevent us from creating new threads or continuing our discussions, so what are you trying to achieve by closing down one thread?


I had given three warnings in three days in that titled thread. The version numbers don’t matter nor does who has posted the thread.

It was never my intention to keep people from creating a new thread, and anyone is welcome to do that. Hopefully, the persons involved in getting the previous one closed will realize their actions have consequences.


But they’re different threads, so what do you have with yourself which says they’re the same? Yeah, they have the same name, but tons of threads have the same name, there are hundreds of ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘New Year Resolution’ threads, so are they all the same threads? That’s not fair, as a computer engineer I say there’s no relation between those two threads.

Okay, and another question, what did you mean when you say posting links isn’t allowed?


get em boi! :heart::heart::heart:


There may be threads with the same name, but that particular thread is essentially the same thread. When an old one gets closed, a new one is made to carry on the conversation, given the same name with a number to let people know it’s the same thread.

Congrats on being a computer engineer. :+1: I’m a Community ambassador for Wattpad, and my explanation still stands.

Where did I say posting links isn’t allowed?


Yes and no, based on the notion that each thread has a different number, but I don’t think it’s of any use so I’ll just stop speaking.

Thank you, but again not thank you. If you’re an ambassador, that means you’re supposed to help us, not boss around and do whatever you deem right. Don’t be disrespectful.



As an ambassador, I help people by making sure the club is a safe and friendly environment for everyone to enjoy. Sometimes that means I remind people of the rules (Wattpad’s rules, btw, not mine), and sometimes that means I close threads when people don’t follow the rules.

I don’t believe I was being disrespectful, but if you feel that I have been, you can contact @TheOrangutan who is in charge of the ambassador program, and my boss. Ambassadors have to follow the same rules as everyone else.

Wattpad doesn’t allow people to post links to websites that direct people away from these forums. That would be chat rooms, game sites, suspicious websites that may contain viruses, or sites that have banned content by Wattpad’s standards (porn, etc.). I hope that helps.


Do the rules of Wattpad state that if a series of threads which have the same name and people get closed if the rules have been broken three times? If yes, then forgive me because I didn’t know.

Okay, thanks. Yeah, I understand that we’re all perfect in our own views, because nobody understands us better than ourselves.

Okay, got it. Thanks.


Yes, that’s the rule and has been since I’ve been a moderator, five years now.

Glad I could help. :katherinearlene:


Oh, then it’s alright. Thanks for telling me, it’s been a great help.

And can you just show me where it says that? I just need to see to make clear we don’t do the exact thing again.


That’s part of the moderating rules that we ambassadors follow. We don’t have that posted in the forums. As long as people here follow the rules that are posted, they won’t have to worry about it.