Ask the Ambassadors Anything



I have a few questions.

  1. When Sharing our Stories in the thread used to share stories, Do they have to be completely completed or can they be like chapter updating on a routine?

  2. How did I earn the Edit Badge?

  3. Thank You so much fro your help <3


Your story can be completed, or ongoing, or even be stuck on Chapter 5 for three years, it matters not :smile: it just has to be yours, and comply to Wattpad’s Content Guidelines, as well as be advertised in the correct SYS thread :hibiscus:

If you click the three dots on a comment you’ve made / click the pencil icon to edit your comment, edit your comment, and then save, and you should get that badge (if I’m not mistaken)

:hearts: hope the above helped! :xkaydotx:


Yes it did! :blush: you are so kind :3


HELP! If I unpublished my book, will it cause me to lose my ranking? :hushed:


It will indeed, as far as I know :xkaydotx:


I’m dying of laughter here. XD


I think it depends. There have been a few times where I’ve unpublished a book, but the rankings are still there when it’s a draft. So shrugs. I’m not the expert. Just telling you my experience.

Maybe the algorithm just has to refresh and kick in or something in order for it not to be a part of the rankings.


Thank you, the emails are back now.


Is it possible for you to post these? I’m really interested!


I’m afraid not. As I said, as long as people follow the rules, they don’t need to worry about having the moderators stepping in.

However, if you’re interested in helping make sure the forums remain a friendly and welcoming place, you can always apply to become an ambassador and join the Community team. We train all our new ambassadors on how to moderate the forums. :katherinearlene:


Oh, I might be misunderstanding. Are they rules for the mods to follow or for users to follow?

I actually did apply this last time! I hope I get in :crossed_fingers:t2: I wouldn’t want to mod the forums tho; I’d rather do content or engagement


Ahhh, thank you


The rules are for the ambassadors/mods to follow. Katherine has stated the same here-


Okay, thanks for clearing that up!

@KatherineArlene Is there a reason the regular Wattpad users don’t know these rules? Is it to keep us from gaming the system (somehow??) or something? I’m honestly just curious about it at this point.

Also! I’ve heard a few times that there was a secret strike system in place. Is this true or total nonsense?


hello, can i get a thread closed? its “do we need more friends”


There are rules we community ambassadors follow when dealing with someone who’s broken the rules. That way we’re sure we’re dealing with everyone in the same fair and impartial way. Those rules are different from the club guidelines which are based on Wattpad’s code of conduct and terms of service.

There’s really no need for non-ambassadors to know these rules since they’re more about the moderating process, and probably would be quite boring.

We give official warnings to people who don’t stop breaking rules. If a person get’s three official warnings for breaking the same rule, we report their account to Wattpad for further action. In the past we referred to them as strikes, but we don’t call them that anymore. We used to have them included in the club guidelines, but a few years ago, we decided to rewrite the guidelines to make them more positive and less punitive sounding. We don’t want people, especially those new to Wattpad, to be scared they’re going to get in trouble if they make a mistake because that’s not how we run the clubs.

EDIT: I added more to my original message because I didn’t see your other questions. I hope that helps.


If you’re the OP of the thread, you can drop the link here and we can close it.


Thanks for answering my questions!


i have a question how can u get in trouble for suggesting a story


It would depend on the context :xkaydotx: if you elaborate, I can give you more details depending on the situation. Broadly, though, if the suggestion was within a conversation, and not just a random suggestion, it should be fine.

Edit: I’d like to clarify that you can’t suggest your own story. That would be self advertising, and is against Club Guidelines . The only place you can suggest your story is in the #share-your-story:story-requests, if it falls within the parameters of what the person is looking for.