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the thread i want closed


Done :katherinearlene:


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What’s the hot list? Is it the top 100 books for each genre category as a whole and that are the most popular within a certain time?

I’m asking because my story was 43rd and then just vanished off the face of the Fantasy rankings today. I’m a bit worried that it might not be showing in Fantasy anymore if it’s a glitch. It’s not even showing Fantasy in the tags.


Hi there!

I’m pretty new here, and I just looking for a solution atm. Actually I’m looking for a way to find topics in this community only in certain languages. Is there any way to do that?


I’m NOT an ambassador, but use the search bar on the upper right of your screen. :slight_smile: Maybe that will help you out. Click on the magnifying glass and you’ll have the option to search for topics.


I tried, but all I’ve found is a mixed language discussion with no potential speaking in it. I was hoping to find something like a group full of people on my own language to make some friends here around certain subjects. It would be handy if I can just change a language upfront, and then see only the chosen language posts to appear.


I have a question.
I just noticed that people can hide their public profiles on here. That’s all good and nice. My question is: Who will have the access to see these hidden profiles (except ambassadors of course)?
It can’t be like Facebook where only your friends can because there’s no ‘follow’ option in the community or is it linked with the main Wattpad profile of the person?
If not that, why even have that option? People can choose to not complete the ‘about’ section…


I’m not sure of this, to be honest. It’s a Discourse feature, and I’m not sure if it can be disabled. :thinking:


I’m seriously intrigued lol :joy:
When you can’t even follow someone on here, what even is that feature for? :joy:


:sweat_smile: there may be some features it links to that we don’t utilise :woman_shrugging: though it is kinda pointless, because we have our main Wattpad profiles for it.


That’s a possibility :thinking:
So wattpadwriters doesn’t utilize every discourse feature?


I don’t think so - I have no idea how many features it has/what’s available, so I’m just talking off my head here :sweat_smile: but I think we just use the ones that we need.


Oh okay :smile:
Thanks for answering :slight_smile:


Any time :xkaydotx: :hearts:


Hey there :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. You can search for your preferred language by typing Hungarian in the search bar and scrolling through the threads that come up in search. I searched and found that there isn’t a thread in Hungarian, just mixed language chats. I’d suggest that you make one so that you can connect with people who speak Hungarian and make friends in the process.
You can read this thread for more info on how to use the forums-

P:S: I’m just a random user :slight_smile:


It’s a Known Issue and the team at Wattpad HQ are working on it. You can read this article for more info-

You can read this article for more info-


I would also add that if you don’t find a discussion with people speaking your language, you’re welcome to create your own. :katherinearlene:


Hello! I think we have a troll in this thread:

The user in question just joined 2 days ago and is insulting people and starting fights; seems troll-ish to me