Ask the Ambassadors Anything



Thank you! It’s been dealt with. :katherinearlene:


Thank you!


do you guys get paid for being the ambassadors??


how do you pin your topic?


You can read our FAQ about the ambassador program.

Only club moderators can pin topics. We usually do that for important threads we want to be visible to everyone.


WP appears to be down in case people are asking about it.




When does what start?


the ambassador thing


If you’d like to become an ambassador, you need to go to the @Ambassador profile on Wattpad, read the qualifications to see if you can apply, and then see if the applications are open.


How do I start a club? I see people do it all the time, but I couldn’t find any buttons or settings or any instructions on how to.


Do you mean thread? Only WP itself can create clubs behind the scenes. There’s a trust level tutorial in order to create threads I believe.


Thank you! This really helps! :slight_smile:


I’m still poor no nope, I don’t get paid :rofl: But I am a volunteer and that’s what I’m here for I don’t mind cold cash though, shh!


One of these days… you can always dream, right? XD

But seriously, the site is so big now I think WP will need to eventually considering paying it’s ambassadors for all the work they do, or include them in a Futures program so they get some benefit at least. I mean, people are already going to follow you probably because you’re an ambassador, but it sounds like the job description has been greatly added to since I left in 2012.


Well the FAQ does state there is payment but by a special task. ’ Do Ambassadors work for Wattpad in Toronto? Are they paid?
Wattpad are proudly Canadian but have staff from all over the world and are incredibly diverse. The Ambassadors are the same, and we have Ambassadors in over 70 different countries spread all over the world.
Ambassadors are first and foremost volunteers. We ask them to give us four hours a week of their time to help the community in an unpaid role. But, occasionally, they do get to earn a little extra cash when we need help with tasks that require specific skills we may not have on the Wattpad team, or if they’re doing some contract work for us. Those paid roles are the exception rather than the norm. The majority of the Ambassadors do not get paid.’

Also that does sound nice but part of the word volunteer means helping for love of community. (Plus I got no paypal either way so…)


Only four hours?

Some normal users like me on here are active 24/7 XD

I’ve honestly thought about reapplying, but given the nature of my attitude toward Next and the glitches, I realize that I’m not a very good fit right now even though I have had that experience.


Oh I do more than four hours so it’s not exactly 4 hours :smirk: But a break is important. :heart:


Since it’s ask anything…

Does that super special secret page still exist where the ambassadors talk about everything? I’m curious to know how much the page has grown from 2012. I think there were maybe less than fifty of us at the time? It was a pretty tight group during 2012 and you could always remember who was who on the page.


The Facebook page? Nope. We stopped using Facebook some time ago and transitioned to using slack. Facebook became unmanageable with a larger group. We’ve got over 500 Ambassadors now, so a more comprehensive communications area is very important.