Ask the Ambassadors Anything



Oh I love slack! (I use it for a different organization) Haven’t used it very much but I like what it has to offer.


You can read Gavin’s post here-


How do I make my own thread or be able to ask the community questions?


You should have the option to create a new thread near the mid right of your computer screen. If you’re lacking the option to, you most likely need to go through the trust level tutorials.


The bad side though is their limited storage :unamused: Best part, threading like :raised_hands:


Hm, is that so? Haven’t used it enough to know. It does link to google Docs and such, though…

Yup, the threads are pretty cool. And they have a robot! Lmao I was messing with it the other day, and now it responds with “yeet” if your sentence includes “yeet” XD I did it for the “kiddos” lmao

I don’t like that the robot responds even if the word is in the middle of your sentence, unlike the robot amb. here.


Yeah, I have a love for slacky but also annoyed :joy: Fun fact but slackbot has a WP profile though I think it’s inactive? (Not official either)


Totally get you. XD that’s great! Haha nice


Hello. How do I remove notifications that I don’t want? Thank you :grin:


Do you mean notifications for a thread?


No. Notifications on my Wattpad page.


You mean book update notifications, …?


Yes, notifications like book update notifications, but they are not about books.


Can you give an example of one? Trying to figure out what you mean.


I am not sure if you are able to. All updates from books or the people you follow appear in your newsfeed.

You can only turn off the notifications you get(only in the app), but they will still appear in the newsfeed.


Thank you so much. However, is there a way to select just a couple of comments that someone mentioned me in their comments, and delete them? I still want to get notified about followers, messages…


Thanks, Nablai. I guess I have to live with them. Ugh. :angry:


Not sure where to put this. Happy birthday Katherine @KatherineArlene :heart:



If you don’t want to get tagged by specific user just mute them


And thanks to Matz and @ @d_s_t_e too :grin: