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Thanks! It’s not my birthday yet in my part of the world, but I’ll take it. :katherinearlene:


Thanks a lot for the tag, Mat :slight_smile:


I get that from time to time. I’ve only asked 2 or 3 people to tag me but more people do it for some reason. I’m not really sure why that happens, especially considering that most of the writers entering the active contests are the same people. XD


I don’t mind the tagging so much. I just don’t like it when people getting snippy and being rude in their comments to me. It sucks to open up my notification and see them. Argh. :confused:


Just say something sassy and block them XD


Or she can just block them


Lol, Book. I need to work on my sass… :joy:


I’d suggest that you ignore them and let it go. We can’t please everyone. Keep the positivity around you and ignore the negativity. Don’t let their rude behavior affect you. You are a lovely person and you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel less.


Thank you. You’re so sweet. I agree. I don’t waste time with negativity. I just want to delete their comments because they’re eyesores, lol. :joy:


@KatherineArlene I just saw a cake!
Happy birthday! :smiley: you are an awesome person :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


May I speak to @stpolishook
I think she wrongly gave me a warning I didn’t deserve.


I didn’t do anything wrong so can she clean my record.


Hi, I’m new, I speak Spanish, but I have to ask in English to answer me please. I need help for two things: the first; I do not find my story in the search bar, it is called “el mago errante” (it is written in Spanish), it has a cover image of a tree, I do not know if people will find it because I do not appear in the search. the second; It does not let me ask my question or comment in the community cafe mode, it just lets me respond to comments already made. Please I need to know why and how I solve these two things. Thank you.


Try typing your WP username and the story title in the search bar. If it’s not there, then it’s most likely a glitch that WP is aware of. In the glitch, some stories will not show up for a couple of days. If this is the case, then send WP support a ticket.


For the second thing, your trust level may not be high enough. Have a look here for more information: Trust Levels: What are they and how do they work


Hey there :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums. It’s a Known Issue and the Wattpad team are working on it. You can read this article for more info-

Puedes leer el artículo en Español aquí -

Espero que esto ayude =]


Katherine, what day is your birthday, mine is January 14th :bluehearts:


hers was yesterday


So the 12th?