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This has happened to me quite a few times…
At the moment, when you click on my story the top rating comes up at number 2 yet if I go onto the hot list it comes up as number 2. This isn’t the first time that it has happened, I’ve tried logging out and refreshing but it doesn’t change. I have contacted Wattpad about this before and coincidently it changed just before I got a reply back. I was wondering if this only happens to me (a bad connection on my end) or if its a regular thing?


It’s a known issue and the Wattpad team are working on it-


Thank you for the response!


So, I just received a message from a Mod on here (Which I didn’t even know was a thing) about posting twice in the SYS thread in different sub-genres. She told me- quite aggressively- that she was removing all of my posts (the whole two of them) and then this:

“keep in mind that each user is only allowed to post only once in all Share Your Story Club per week

What? When was this ever a thing? We can only post once even if we have different stories to share? Though I think its incredibly flawed to only be able to post your story in one sub-genre (Because what if I have a mature supernatural romance? Those are two vastly different audiences) I understand somewhat. But to tell me I’m only allowed to post once in Share your story thread with only one story? That seems wrong. What if I have three totally different types of romance stories that I want to share? I just have to chose one? That seems to defeat the purpose.

On top of all of that, she deleted both of my posts in the different sub-genre categories instead of just one. Which I also think is messed up.

Can any other Mod shed some light on only being allowed to post once even if you have multiple different stories to share?

Thank you.


There may have been some miscommunication :blush: the rule is that one story can only be advertised once, once a week - meaning that if you have five different stories, you can only advertise each one once. If they all go in one thread, you can post them all in one thread, if they’re different genres, they’d go in their respective threads in those sub-categories, if that makes sense?

I’ll undo one deletion, as that may have been done by mistake :xkaydotx:


Has light theme been removed? I was just typing up a post on a thread I created when my theme suddenly changed from light to dark.


This is what would make more sense to me than the message that was received. I appreciate you responding, sincerely.

It’s really fine. The Share your Story session is almost over now anyways. Thank you though for offering and for your enlightening response! :slight_smile:


There might be some updating going on at Discourse, I’d give it some time, though I will bring it up in case a setting somewhere was accidentally switched/glitched out :xkaydotx:

You’re most welcome :hearts:


The same happened to me and it won’t change back. I’m guessing it’s a glitch on Discourse’s side but hopefully it will be sorted soon because it looks strange to my eyes.


@AnnieRosebud @arrietty-noel I suggest using the “clubs theme” for now, I think it’s very similar to the light theme :star:


Have a look-

Definitely a glitch


Yep, I know :slight_smile: that’s why I’m suggesting using the clubs theme for the time being, as it’s similar to the light theme/old light theme :slight_smile:


I think I like dark theme more than clubs theme…


The dark theme hurts my eyes xD

we’ve got someone on the case trying to figure out what went wrong :hearts:


If needed, I have a timestamp on my screenshot from roughly 2 minutes after the sudden switch.


Okay, so it seems like a Discourse glitch, so I’d give it a bit to see if it sorts itself out :xkaydotx:



Speaking from ticket experience, sending them a ticket is best. But since it’s the middle of the week and nearing the weekend, they might be busy. I sent a ticket to them on either Saturday or Sunday and heard back on Monday.

They had the rankings fixed (supposedly) for my story after I contacted them. If nothing else, at least the story is showing on rankings again.


Part of me just wishes they would go back to the old ranking system. It had its issues but not nearly as many as this new system does.


Believe me, there’s a lot of us who want this. :slight_smile:


I do think polls for new features would be incredibly helpful.