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Where’s the super-love button for this comment? lol


thanks! I did do that and I got an email saying that it was correct and when I checked again it had changed to what it was meant to be


I also think the new rankings favor consistent updates such as updating 2 or 3 times a week as opposed to once a week.


I think the old rankings did as well? I always found that after I updated, my rank would sky rocket the next day due to all of the votes and activity from the previous days update.


That’s actually not new. When I started out on WP (back then when the :sauropod: roamed the place) the algorithm already favoured stories with more frequent updates. It makes sense in a way, if somebody bothers to update that often and kept the story going, why not reward it? Updating too often is also not that good, as its harder to get enough reads between the updates. Or words to that effect. And no, I really have no clue how the algorithm works,these are only my observations


You can read this article for more info-


Im fairly new to the wattpad writing scene and even though I have read the provided information, I don’t really understand what The Wattys is


You can have a look at TheWattys profile for more info-

While at it, you can also browse through this writers page-


when do the wattys for 2019 start?


There isn’t a specific date yet, but if previous years are anything to go on, probably around June-ish, I’d say.


I’m guessing everyone assumes I’m club mod since I didn’t state or I’ve been in beta but really I’m just content :sweat_smile:

Me too! I just logged in now and my theme went dark :flushed:


I have a question about the content guidelines for stories. I know sexual content involving minors under 16 is prohibited, but I’m wondering if that’s only if it’s shown or if implied sex with under sixteen-year-old is also prohibited. In my current work, there’s a scene between a 15 and 16 year old where it’s implied/hinted they had sex (it’s later reviled they didn’t, but I don’t want it to be reported for breaking guidelines or something before that fact comes up). So is that a no-no? I could age the boy up to sixteen, but I’d have to change several other plot points. I feel like this whole question was badly written, so I hope it’s clear. :sweat_smile:


High school romance is ok so if you just had a 15 and 16 mentioned or fade to black sex and it flows with the plot then it’s ok. Anything that’s mentioned or fade to black stays as everyone since it only implies, not graphic, let’s readers only think. Maybe they end up ‘what happened?!’ :joy:


Okay, great, thank you. I figured I was probably overreacting but wanted to check.


Hi this may be an extremely dumb question but I am going to ask any way… how do you get featured on wattpad? I am a new writer an just want to know how everything works.:grinning:


Hey there :slight_smile:

You can have a look at this thread for more info-

You can have a look at this page for more info-


I’m not sure where to ask this…

I used to have a Beta Test Survivor badge, and then I became a Regular, which meant that the Regular badge was the one shown.

Now, I am no longer a Regular, and the Beta Test Survivor Badge is not showing again.


Give me a sec to see what’s up :xkaydotx:


Okay, so you may have dropped down a trust level because your activeness decreased, which happens. If you’re not active for a set of time (anything from a day to weeks), your trust level drops down.

As for the badge, I’m not sure why it disappeared, but I’ve given it back to you, so you should be able to select that title again :hearts:


Thank you!

Yes, I know why I lost the trust level-I haven’t been active lately, I just couldn’t figure out why the Beta Test Survivor Badge disappeared with it. Thank you!